Wining and Dining in Buda Wine City

The cellar system in Budafok – outskirt of Budapest-  is one of the biggest still functioning coherent cellar systems. There were many estimations for the length of the cellars, but the accepted length is 100 km.

The Záborszky Wine Cellar invites you to the centre of this underground city.

he ZÁBORSZKY CELLAR has several different sized and shaped cellar wings. With its unique conditions and special atmosphere it’s a perfect spot for private and formal events. The Cellars welcome- and exhibition hall can house elegant protocol events, the event wing - until it reaches its final form - can house easy-flowing company parties, dance ceremonies.  The Cellar invites you with a big capacity cloakroom and supplementary projects. The yard is big enough for 8 buses to park at the same time, or for outdoor programs such as: garden parties, product shows.

Event hall and Wine street in the Cellar

The event hall represent typical village sights which can be found in different wine regions all over the country, showing traditional elements and local architectural styles. 

The event hall about 135 meter long, 4-6 meters wide , ideal for seated dinner up to  400 persons and - depending on the arrangement of the room for standing reception up to 500 persons.  

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