Will receive:

  • Client: Cabot Switzerland GmbH
  • Group size: 24 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga
  • Event: Incentive




  Cabot Switzerland GmbH Incentive



“I only got good things to hear about Riga and particularly your Curling event!!! It was a “nice, exciting new experience” and “something someone does not do every day” and “everything was well organized” – and I am sure, that Cabot will remember your company once the next big event is about to be planned!“

-Susan Maynard-

Country: Switzerland

Decription of the event: Transfers from Cabot Latvia offices to the Curling hall. The team did the ice wiping and swiping at the curling. Active & competing fun !

Afterwards dinner at the beautiful Berga Bazars area in the best burger restaurant in town - Zoste! Latvian beer pairing with the speacial winter menu - yumm!