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Programs which aim is to develop and improve communication, cooperation and going for one common goal by working together in different problem solving situations, reflecting on them and getting key points for present/future professional and personal communication, cooperation. There are different types of programs for team building activities  and incentives – outdoor, indoor, creative.


Outdoor programs provide team development through tasks and assignments in out of door conditions, can also include outdoor cooking. Indoor program is made inside. For those teams who want to develop themselves in creative way there is creative team development program such as the make your own video and grafiti workshops. The goal of these events is to provide an environment where development of team spirit, encourage mutual understanding and having a fun time is emphasized.


These events are based on competitiveness, relaxed entertainment and teambuilding activities. All this depends on your needs and expectations, which are discussed with the client before the event. A detailed scenario/activity rotation plan is developed before the event when we know more about the client needs and expectations. In all the programs we will use experiential learning methodology.





Classic teambuilding can be combined with your CSR efforts for a truly meaningful incentive or they can simply be designed to bring a groups of colleagues outside of the working environment and see how they can cooperate in an unusual situations. Please check out our Blog Post on Why Incentives are Good!!  With Travel Out There you must experience it to believe it!!