Will receive:

  • Client: CVC
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Group size: 120
  • Event: Gala dinner, company summer olympics, Segway Tour



  • Client: CVC
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Group size: 120
  • Event: Gala dinner, company Summer Olympics, Segway Tour
  • Services provided:  
    Gala Dinner: location search, complete conception including furniture concept (football- couch area, dinner area, table tennis, bar- everything a bit loose arranged), food and drinking concept, table tennis competition (complete organisation, moderation); 

    Company Summer Olympics: location search, complete venue concept (4 pitches for different competitions, furnished chill out area, little bar with non alcoholic drinks, snacks and fruits on tables); complete conceptions (scheduling, team routine, moderation, score evaluation, each provider plus location provider where put together by us, guides, staff and moderator);

    Segway tour organisation incl. deliveration and pick- up of the Segways

  • Services included

    As the London based agency Number 20 called us for a big event they have coming up in Berlin were where keen to put it into practice. They are working with their client CVC already for a longer time and sure they want to make somethink special here in Berlin as well. “Competitive” attitude was the key word and we felt challenged ourselfs straight away.

    On the first day we organised a Gala Dinner in the Classic Remise- a venue with a special taste. The Classic Remise is THE address in Berlin for classis but also for highly rare cars and vehicles. If classic or modern- at this venue you are surrounded by cars and vehicles that you’ll usually never see on the street. In this atmosphere, we organised our Gala Dinner. As they was the UEFA Championship was going on we organised a chill out area with screens and couches for the people to watch 2 games simultaneously. The flying buffet as well as the bar drinks did their own to make everyone feel well. Another highlight of this night was the table tennis competition- 50 teams with 2 players, 6 tables and 1 moderator. After 4 exiting KO-rounds we had our finalist teams ready to fight for the crown. It was an exciting final game and in the end the winning team got an new iPad! After this night, more and more people left for the transfer back to the hotel.

    After CVC had their conferencing day and they lunch, the people got ready for their company Olympics. All teams of around 10 people per team, had their own transfer bus and their own guide. During the transfer to the location, the teams were introduced by the guide and outfitted in their team colours. The sports ground was directly located at the famous former airport Tempelhof- the place of the Berlin air bridge 1948-1949, formerly the most central airport in Berlin, closed in 2008 and nowadays used as a (worldwide absolute unique!) free public space.

    After a welcoming from the moderator the teams startet- Archery, Tackle Ball, Volleyball and a final Tug of War were the disciplines the 6 teams had to compete with each other. In the end the winner was clear but the fun was on everybodies site.

    On their last full day we organised for a smaller team of them a Segway tour for 2 hours.