Will receive:

  • Client: CYTEC
  • Group size: 200 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga, Latvia
  • Services: Catering Management, Venue preparation, Entertainment 


  • Client: CYTEC
  • Group size: 200 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga
  • Event: Office Opening





"Many thanks for all your support and we will revert to you when ever necessary in the future! The opening went very well! A lot of very nice comments. My executives are happy, the director of the office in Riga is happy and the employees enjoyed themselves are happy! The weather was not so nice, but it did not matter, for we were cozy in our warm tent. The event planners were very nice to work with…very helpful. Everyone really enjoyed the saxophone quartet, they were really good. And the food was delicious! My congratulations to all your team!"

Ms Ana Paes, events supervisor, Lis & Tag – Viagens e Turismo, Portugal



Event description 

We had our first meeting with CYTEC on the 10th of September, from this first meeting we decided on the theme and basic layout and structure of the day.  


The location was on top of the buildings car park, this was a challenge enough without the Latvian Autumn beginning. This meant securing the tent for the event and caterers to the floor with large bolts and steel plates, only then could we begin to relax that we wont blow away. The tent was the perfect size for the number of people and provided a great atmosphere for people to talk and interact with management and family members.


After our first meeting it was clear what the theme needed to include - a new beginning and the CYTEC colours. We arrived at a simple yet effective colour theme of Blue and White, the Blue symbolised the CYTEC logo and the White symbolised the new beginning. For the culmination of the opening two members of the CYTEC office released 30 white doves.


The entertainment needed to be short but memorable, we decided on 3 different aspects of entertainment, a Saxophone quartet NXT played 4 x 10 minutes over the course of the day. During the meal and in between performances we had a DJ playing background music. During the evening one of Latvia's top magicians was entertaining the employees and management.


The Out there team decided to use Latvia's celebrity chef to create the menu for both the formal meal and the buffet dinner. The food was all local produce and themed on an Autumn feel. All comments received about the food were excellent with some people stating that is was better than your normal restaurant food.