Will receive:

PHOTO HUNT is an exciting activity where teams have to accomplish different tasks connected with an ability to orient, to socialize, to plan the order of tasks performance and make a successful team work.  It can also involve an element of theatrical and creative skill to capture the best images.   


In this competition each team has to search for the photo spots marked on the map and plan the time to arrive in special task places in specific time. Each team has to manage challenging tasks, to take the responsibility and to divide the work between the members of the team. We will aim to ensure each team member takes on the role both behind and in front of the camera.


Prizes will be awarded for teams who capture the best images and also complete the most amount of tasks in a given time. For the City Hunting game we would suggest creating teams of 5-7 members.  You can specify how long you would like to play the game for but we would advise  2,5 - 3 hours in any part of the city.


 We can present all the photos during a gala dinner or you can simply publish them on your social media channels. Alternatively we could create a photo album of the compiled images. 




  • Develop and conceptualise ideas
  • Practice experimental learning  
  • Encourage and embrace creativity
  • Learning from, and effectively improving mistakes
  • Improve cooperation and analysing of results.


  • Encouraged creativity
  • Improved conceptualization of ideas
  • Improved team communication and cooperation
  • Tools and tips to promote future creative thinking
  • A creative collaboration to share.


  • English-speaking Event Manager
  • Tablets, Black Board and resource pack for each participant
  • Your own creative outcome - we will print the comic book for you
  • Postal Service if required