Will receive:


    - Jointly confirm the ideal speaker for your event

    - Personal and professional assistance in pre-event, on site and post event logistics

    - Tailored workshops to your company's needs

    - Strategic workshops or professional meeting facilitation

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, an after dinner speaker, a conference facilitator or for something completely different, then look no further. Travel Out There can help ensure we put the right person on stage to inspire and entertain. We will liaise with you extensively during the event planning stages to ensure we jointly confirm the most suitable speaker for your event. We have the ‘network of competence’ to provide an array of speakers from the world of Business, Sport, Comedy, Exploration & Politics to ensure confidence in your event’s success.
Guest Speakers are ‘the cream’ for any business dinner, event, retreat or conference, and a great way to encourage, incentivise and motivate the audience both in the work place and at home.  A good Guest Speaker really does help to generate the pre-event excitement and buzz that is crucial to ensure audience engagement and is the surest way to guarantee your event exceeds all expectations!  
Travel Out There understand the importance of an event having a lasting impact for all those involved.  Guest speakers need to inspire and be relevant to the companies key objectives so that your delegates are left talking about it and implementing key lessons long after it ends.  The quality of the speaker you book can make or break your event, and it can be difficult to find the right person to deliver what your delegates want. That is why we are here to help you!

Event + Reaction = Outcome

Travel Out There has selected, an excellent range of speakers, that not only, inspire and entertain their audience during their keynote talk but also have the skills, resources and experience to complement it with a highly interactive and practical workshop.  This helps all participants put into practice and implement the key lessons and theories from the talk into your own business and life. As well as, providing an excellent catalyst to strengthen connections and develop the culture of your company, by promoting the importance of purposeful communication and meaningful relationships.


Travel Out There's key strap line is you must 'Experience it to Believe it'. Our team have had the fortune to listen to and experience the workshop of all the great minds we partner. Hence, we are able to matchmake the speaker/workshop combination to the companies key objectives and needs. Most importantly of all we have an understanding, trust and respect from both our clients and speaking partners that their is great value in establishing and facilitating this connection.  That is what it is all about - combining inspiring & informative training with engaging & fun team building workshops!


Tailored Events to Train your Team's 'Reactions' to Achieve your Outcomes! 



Caspar Craven

It's about We, Not Me!


Caspar Craven has 30 years’ experience in building teams to make things happen. Starting as an entrepreneur at the age of 14, he has built and led teams in global corporations, start-up businesses, struggling businesses and high growth businesses.


He’s built a team on a trophy-winning yacht racing around the world. His toughest challenge by far was building his family team to sail around the world: with his wife and three children aged 9, 7 and 2. Along the way he’s built multiple successful businesses from scratch and sold one for a 7 figure sum whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean.


In 2000 he signed up for the BT Global Challenge (called the Worlds Toughest Yacht Race) and joined Yacht Quadstone as the youngest crew member onboard. After winning trophies around the world and building a team as Watch Captain he returned to KPMG to run a Technology and Telecoms team. In 2001 he returned to entrepreneurial life as an e-commerce entrepreneur. Over the following 15 years, he raised money for, built, grew and sold businesses primarily in the technology sector. He’s made mistakes. He’s fallen over. He got up again and carried on. Click here to view Caspar's Showreel.




Greg Mathers

The Organisational Doctor


The 'skeleton' / framework for Greg Mather's corporate retreats, in general, evolves around the Adizes Methodology. Over the course of more than 40 years, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes has developed and refined a proprietary methodology that bears his name. The Adizes Methodology enables corporations, governments, and complex organizations to achieve exceptional results and manage accelerated change without destructive conflicts. 


The practical disciplines and processes of Adizes fundamentally change how leaders lead; personally and organisationally.   The aim of using these tools and methodologies are to drive commitment and accountability deep into the organization (rather than only in the hands of top management) while building a balance between organisational control and flexibility. Click here to view some informaton about the workshops.


To help change your business for the better, you are given tools in 3 main areas: 

  • Tools to diagnose your organization: identify and prioritize its 
problems and opportunities 
  • Tools to create a highly effective decision making structure that deals 
with the prioritized problems and development issues 
  • Tools to optimize implementation of the decisions while minimizing 
resistance and destructive conflict.


Thomas Bothe

The Communications Guru


Thomas Bothe is a former CEO and self-employed consultant with a focus on strategy and leadership communication. Often acting on behalf of consultant companies and networks throughout Europe, his typical clients are CEOs and management teams of medium-sized companies looking for improved internal coherence and ways to move into more viable markets. During his career Thomas has personally recruited 30 top- and middle management executives - and made his share of mistakes. His 3 failed recruitments had a common denominator which he will share with you during the retreat.


Thomas helps entrepreneurs, CxOs and management teams to improve their communication skills, emotional agility and a mental readiness for natural win-win problem-solving. Leaders constantly need to make choices about what / how / why to communicate (or not). Leadership ability to make such choices – sometimes at important crossroads – is limited by personal comfort zones and by individual mastery to execute viable choices. The Unique Training Proposition of his training programme. is a) expand individual comfort zones and facilitate discovery of communication choices, b) train what is relevant to a point of actual do-ability when it matters and c) focus on choices that solve more problems than they create.



Grant Leboff

The Sticky Markeitng Man


Grant Leboff is one of the U.K's leading Sales and Marketing experts. His fourth book, ‘Digital Selling’, debuted at #1 on the Amazon charts prior to being published in September last year. This follows the success of Leboff’s previous titles. ‘Stickier Marketing’ (2014) went straight to #1 in the Amazon Sales & Marketing Chart, and was in the top 10 overall Business Chart, on publication. ‘Sales Therapy’ (2007) and ‘Sticky Marketing’ (2011) were both in Amazon’s top 10 Business Books, and #1 in the Sales & Marketing bestsellers chart.


A thought leader in his field, Leboff's main focus is to address the massive changes that are taking place in a world that is constantly being introduced to new technologies and an evolving World Wide Web. He continually challenges Sales & Marketing conventions that become accepted wisdom, but don’t necessarily deliver results.Having built a successful direct marketing company, which he started in 2002, Leboff sold it in 2008. As well as undertaking work as a Non Executive Director, he now has a number of other business interests. Sticky Marketing Club® Ltd., is a sales and marketing consultancy providing companies with the strategies to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.


Leboff is a Fellow of The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing as well as being a regular contributor to many business magazines and newspapers. Amongst others, he has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror and The Sun. He has appeared on BBC Radio on numerous occasions as well as being featured on a significant number of US radio networks. 



Austin Nicholas

40 years to Purpose


Austin Nicholas, the founder and director of Travel Out There,  during this creative workshop Austin will help companies ignite their ‘team spirit’ and develop a more ‘connected culture’.  


From the age of 15 to 18, Austin ran his own Christmas-Tree recycling business called Yule Tidying! At University operated a successful furniture removals business and now Austin is working on another startup in combination with overseeing operations at Travel Out There. Austin is also the founder and board member of a football club - Riga United FC. 


He is an entrepreneur through and through and he wants to share some advice and knowledge he has gained from starting and companies. Many of these entrepreneurlial insights can help drive innovation, creativity and stronger interpersonal relationships within the team.  Austin specialises in offering Creative Purposeful Play workshops.


SPECIALITIES: Innovation (disruptive and meaningful), content marketing, destination management and promotion, online marketing, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, (Change) management, network facilitation, event production, entertainment, education, branding, idea practitioner and storytelling.




Mareks Dombrovskis

The Survival Specialist


Mareks Dombrovskis is a trainer, specialised in the leading of team training events in the great outdoors with varying degrees of difficulty. A specialist in survival! He is our key facilitator for all our digital detox and survival experiences we organise for our clients.


Lessons from a survivor:

  • Winter survival course in Sweden in – 37 degrees 
  • Certified Advanced Survival & Coastal Survival course in Great Britain 
  • Survival skills instructor in Latvian armed forces


Mareks is a certified coach with an internationally recognised diploma. Trained in the “Business Class Programme” organised by the “Komercizglītības centrs”. He was a officer at the Latvian Armed Forces' Non-commissioned Officers' School. He took part in the peace keeping mission in Kosovo. Mareks specialises in offering our Digital Detox workshops.


Mareks gained valuable experience in winter survival courses in Sweden, where participants' had to live for several days in harsh winterly conditions. Mareks has a bachelor's degree in human management from University of Defence in the Czech Republic.



Ieva Salina

The Meditation Mentor


Ieva Saliņa is a teacher of Aktavio Lioss™ life lessons meditation since 2011.   Ieva helps create opportunities to make positive changes within oneself and improve the quality of life. Clear mind, positive thinking and harmonious Soul are the main pillars for creating a successful life.


Ieva offers meditation sessions as well as relaxation sessions workshops for clients on a group and individual basis. All workshops are designed to share knowledge and insights of human being and life in different fields – career, health, relationships, practical tips for daily life and relaxation with music. It is an opportunity for each participant to receive answers, be creative, to have time for their own well-being and realize their talents and strengths.


Ieva regularly travels around Europe to share these knowledge and powerful technqiue to all who are looking for solutions to achieve goals while developing within. Ieva published her first poetry book in 2012, later translated in to English in 2014. She believes that each person is a creator and there is a lot of strength in each of us, it is important to find time and know how to efficiently calm mind, learn to think what we need in our life, take care of our inner world, restore energy and inner balance.

Ieva speaks in Latvian, Russian, English and French.