Will receive:

  • Client: B EFFECTIVE EVENT AGENCY on behalf of IFB
  • Group size: 300 Pax
  • DestinationRiga


  • Client: B EFFECTIVE EVENT AGENCY on behalf of IFB
  • Group size: 300 Pax
  • DestinationRiga
  • Dates: June 2016
  • Testimonial:

Amazing event enjoyed by all...many thanks!

Full informaton see below





Eight hundred years of history has left Riga with a unique, well-preserved architectural heritage. Not only does the Latvian capital offer a magnificent medieval city centre, it is also the home to the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world! Together with the city’s more recent history as a part of the Soviet Union, Riga can offer a wide range of unusual, historical venues unlike anything you would find elsewhere in the world.

Although relatively small for a capital city, Riga offers as wide a range of activities and culture as any huge metropolis. Exquisite cuisine, fancy bars, a notoriously wild nightlife, unique day and night time activities, high class SPA centers as well as a beautiful nature and 22 km of white sand beaches less than an hour away. In other words, a conference in Riga will give you much more than just conference halls and hotel rooms – it can easily be combined with exciting, unique incentives and all for a cost that is lower than in most other European capitals.




Day 1 - June 17th

Inbound airport transfers to the hotels

Includes the hosts (one host per bus), meet & greet, transfer to the hotel.

Option to choose from a menu of activities for the first afternoon. Include sightseeing tour, City Code Game, Boat Tour, AK 47 Shooting, Karting. Please view activities on offer by clicking here






Dinner - 20.00 - 02.00


Venue: Biblioteka No 1



2nd floor:

  • 5 lounge corners each with 2 sofa-chairs and rectangular tables with white tablecloth
  • 8 x high tables with white cover
  • Bar 
Outdoor/ Terrace 
  • Existing garden furniture with parasols/ sunshades

3rd floor Hall

  • 5 round tables with white tablecloth and matching chairs with white cover
  • 12 high tables with white cover
  • two sofas (from the 2nd floor, seen on the at the preliminary visit) with table
  • Buffet (2 or 3 buffet stations & bar)


Download larger floor JPG file of floor plan (see right)



Beef salad with new potatoes and pickled vegetables

Romaine lettuce with homemade sauce, slow-cooked chicken breast, parmesan cheese.

Salad with grapefruit, pumpkin seeds, Brie cheese and dark balsamic - honey vinaigrette.

Mozzarella with tomatoes, grill peppers and pesto sauce.


Chicken teriyaki, chili-lime sauce

Beef roast beef with smoked beetroot, arugula and egg truffle sauce.

Latvian best meat selection.

Lightly salted salmon with rye bread toast and lightly salted cucumbers.

Baltic herring with potatoes, home pickled onion, mini potatoes and mild horseradish cream

Eggplant rolls with cream cheese and walnuts

Main course

Pork belly cooked at low temperature, veal broth sauce. 

Chicken strips in cream sauce, green peas, carrots.

½ portion Catfish fillet, cooked in butter and sage herbs.  

½ portion Gnocchi with Blue Cheese in creamy sauce.

Butter fried mini potatoes with rosemary(V)

Pearl barley risotto with green peas and mushrooms(V)

Fried seasonal vegetables and herbs(V)


Chocolate mousse with salty caramel - nut crumble.

Honey cake with gel and candied berries.

Seasonal fruit selection.

Drinks: softs, beer, wine, sparkling wine, coffee. 

Program: DJ, Photo booth where they can dress up as hipsters and shoot pictures.

DJ for the night will be DJ VITAL.   

Photo booth we can create on the mezzanine.  DJ will be in the middle of the mezzanine. Next to him will be the photographer. Groups of 3 - 4 can go on to the Mezzanine to take fun photos.








Day 2 - June 18th



How Cool are you? The hIFBster challenge! 

Forget Barcelona, London and Berlin: the Baltic city has become the new destination of choice for hipsters from all over Europe. Click here to read a great article from a German News Site. Riga is rapidly becoming one of the coolest and up 'n coming destinations - it is beginning to gain the reputation as the hipster capital of Europe. Click here for more information.  We would like to give your client an insight in to the Hipster movement in Riga by co-ordinating a series of activities that would give a hipster ranking for all participants.  Welcome to the Hipster Challenge! 
Andrejala: Andrejsala is a district of Riga, Latvia, located within the former territory of an industrial port next to the city center. It is currently developed into a significant art, culture and entertainment center featuring exhibition halls, clubs, workshops, studios, a cafe and a hotel. 
Activities - 6 stations where we can run 2 groups at a time. 12 groups of 22 in each group. Each activity to last 45 minutes (left buffer of 15 minutes for each activity and 15 minutes transition time between activities).  Within each group we will create 5 teams of 9.  Each group will be answering questions and completing challenges thoughtout the day.  The results will be recorded using the gaming platform loquiz on Tablets.   Think of a regular board game, like Snakes and Ladders. Imagine that the game-board is the city centre, game fields are virtual locations around you and game pieces are real people.  Instead of throwing the dice players answer a question, complete a task or embark on an activity at each field they stop at. 
  • ACTIVITY 1. Wacky Races - 15 cars of 3 pax per car.  

Use of 15 cars.  Each team consists of 3 cars - therefore we will have 5 teams of 9 people. The cars will drive in convoy to Zakusala.  We will incorporate 2 'pit stops', to allow the drivers to switch, to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to drive the car. One person drives to Zakusala, one person drives on Zakusala and one person drives back. At Zakusala all the participants will get the opportunity to see Riga from the highest viewpoint in the city by jetting up the TV tower. Here they will have to complete a task issued to them from their IPAD.


  • ACTIVITY 2. Graffiti 'Bigger Picture' Workshop - Canvas painted independently then joined together to make a big picture. 9 canvasses to make the big picture. Review the quality of the overall image.

We will give each group a sectoin of canvas and a choice of stencils that are relevant to the destination and theme of the event that they will need to paint.  The job of each group is to Prepare the stencil then spray the canvass.  All the canvasses combined will make one big picture.  This picture we will showcase outside Sapnu Fabrika.   Each image will be rated on: Creativity, Complimentary (how well the images fit together) and Completion (did the group managed to complete the task)



Ask any hipster in Riga the best way to explore Riga, the answer would be on 2 wheels. This tour will allow you to visit the hip places in the city.  Tour will include Kronvalda Park, Art Nouveau and Embassy District.



Canal boats can embark on a immersive sightseeing experience as you head straight in to the heart of Riga's canals (speed boats are not able to access the canals). Combined with the canal boat experience, the guests will embark on a short bus expedition to see some other points of interest.


  • ACTIVITY 5. Jump, Fly  - Location Andresala - everyone has the opportunity to jump from a 7.5m platform

"Jump and Fly" is an inflatable air cushion that lets you test your courage by jumping on it from different heights. Every person in the group gets to jump. Points will be provided for loudness of the scream and for the number of people that jump in your team.  Everyone has to jump from a 7.5m platform.  


  • ACTIVITY 6. Hipster Make Over and Karaoke- 5 teams of 9.  

Within a photo studio -  each team will have to transform themselves in to a Hipster music band using their hipster starter kit.  Each group will use their tablests to take some hot shots will be shown in the evening. Points will be awarded for the best and most creative poses during photo shoot, band name and performance.  

In another room, each team has to sing Karaoke to an audience. The other groups will be acting as audience in the studio whilst they perform in Karaoke.  The venue will be decked out in Hipster style. Each team chooses a song and performs to the other teams as audience as well as a judging panel. 



09.00 - 09.30 brief group at Hotel Latvia.  Issue T shirts, fun pack etc 

10.00 - 18.00. Activities.

18.00 - 18.30. Return to Hotel



Location 1: Andresala





Lunch - BEST Burger in Riga

In true Hipster style we will offer a hip but yummy luncheon option within one of the venues in the complex.  By not spending too much time on the luncheon option will enable the groups to have more fun on the activities.  

The burgers will be served from an original 1950's Airstream and include some extra dressings and sides so that clients can customise their own burger.  Include starters and desert. Soft drinks included.



  • 20x high tables 
  • Existing wooden-benches and tables at the Wacky warehouse 
  • 20 tables each with two benches for beer tents 
  • buffet tables 
For each active-part we have to discuss the needed furniture (for example some beer-tables with benches). 



  • 100% biological Hereford beef cheeseburger
  • Veggie burger, roast tomato & zucchini  (20 portions to be prepared for special request)
  • Root vegetable & miso chips
  • “Trail mix” packs



  • roast tomato
  • lettuce
  • sliced red onion
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • mayo



  • Water
  • Apple juice
  • Coffee









Evening programme 20.00 - 03.00:


Venue  Sapnu Fabrika  



  • 25 x Long Tables and Black table cloth, 
  • Lounge zone 60Pax, 
  • Round Tables x 20, 
  • Parasol x 6, 
  • High tables x 15, 
  • Regular chairs x 75, 
  • Transparent chairs x 75, 
  • Bar chairs x 70,
  • Transparent Bar chairs x 10, 
  • Palette chairs + small table (x1), 
  • puff white sofa 3, 2 and 1 seat.

TBC: Whether Riga sources furniture of not. Please download the furniture options we have here in Latvia. The prices I have inserted are at cost. 

Once we decide exact furniture we will complete the floor plan.



Appetizers: (2 of EACH APP per person - Served on platters upon arrival from 20:00 until gone)

  • Beet-root & vodka marinated salmon, horseradish cream, pickled red onion
  • Latvian grass fed beef fillet, rutabaga puree, horseradish and wild garlic pesto
  • Forest mushroom duxelle, pickled asparagus, Latvian goats cheese


Starter: (230 meat, 50 vegetarian)

  • Roast beef, horseradish “slaw”, carrot top pesto, pickled lingon berries
  • Herbed cottage cheese filled eggplant, pickled tomato & wild garlic “relish”



  • Mixed green salad, marinated vegetables, candied seeds, creamy red wine vinaigrette



  • Turkey, butternut squash & sage meatballs in herb “jus”
  • Spinach pancakes stuffed with slow cooked pork & braised red cabbage
  • Pearl barley, goat’s cheese & butternut squash stuffed zuchinni with slasa verde
  • Root vegetable & nettle cheese gratine
  • Medley of seasonal vegetables
  • Mushroom cream sauce



  • Chocolate crème, esprsso syrup, candied seeds & whip cream 
  • Strawberry compote, shortbread crumble & black balsams whip cream


Beverages: (Set up at bar & coffee stations from 20:00)

  • Coffee /Tea
  • 1x 150 ml coffee/tea per guest
  • Water with berries
  • 2 x 250 ml water per person


Late Night snacks: (Set up on salad station from 23:30)

  • Selection of seasonal fresh & pickled vegetables
  • Selection of cheese, dried fruits & candied pumpkin seeds
  • Curry wurst











Travel Out There would be very happy to offer our professional, personable and proactive throughout our network of destinations.  Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.




We look forward to working with B-Effective on this very exciting project.


Kind Regards


Austin Nicholas