Will receive:

  • Client: incentive for media monitoring company 'Retriever'
  • Project: Conference / Incentive
  • Participants: 80 pax / Norvegian and Swedish
  • Destination: Riga, Latvia 
  • Services: transfers, meals, conference assistance, daytime activtities and evening entertainment.


Thank you for a great time in Riga. The cliet was very pleased with the trip. He was very satisfied with the conference and how the technique worked, the two different types of restaurants with food and Folk musicians. The tree activities Go-kart, Spa and the food tour.  Most of the participants enjoyed the Code game, but some thought it a bit long and boring. But then again client said that we cannot always please everybody. They thought that it was great with the way you booked tables in nightclubs and loved being at Essential. All in all they are very happy!

- Christina Lovery


Contractor: JCP Travel, Norway  
Client: incentive for media monitoring company 'Retriever'
Participants: 80 pax / Norvegian and Swedish
Place: Riga, Latvia 
Event type: Conference / Incentive

Travel Out There helped to arrange all the details around Retrievers 3 days Conference trip in Riga. We provided transfers, meals, conference assistance (location, materials, technical equipment) and day time activties before and after the conference. The daytime activties included an Interactive Sightseeing game (Riga Code Game), Karting, Food Tasting Tour and Spa Visit. We also provided the group with evening entertainment including bar tour and club booking.