Information For Partners

Do these problems and concerns sound familiar to you, or your company?

Trying to compete with the internet rather than embracing it!

Frustrated by, and losing clients, as they resort to the internet to research for ideas and services! 

Do not have the expertise, resources and ideas to stand-out and attract new business directly from the internet!

Have great experiences and personnel but no effective way to promote them online!  

Our website is so similar to all our competititors.  We do not know how to differentiate?



Travel Out There is an ideal partner for any DMC wanting to generate leads directly from the internet.

We have developed a system from experience that is completely suitable for the local DMC in their respective destination. Travel Out There has invested heavily at creating a custom made experience led distributing system, lead generation and booking management solution. Combined with having a wealth of experience of optimising and promoting travel related products on various search platforms (primarily google), we have become an ideal partner for any Local DMC wanting to stand out amongst all the competition and fight through the clutter of information out there online.


Small to Medium sized Local DMC’s  or Event Managers who are specialists at providing memorable experiences in their destination who would value a cutting edge distribution and digital marketing solution!

Wanting to attract corporate event organisers who are searching for unique incentive ideas in a specified destination provided by a local DMC. 


Confidence that they can effectively out-source their digital marketing efforts at a minimal cost to a partner who understands the demands and nature of the MICE industry.

TOT has been running a leading DMC in the Batlic States where 100% of bookings have been generated DIRECTLY.  The concept is well thought out, tested and successful.

Opportunity to present themselves on an internet system valued at over 50, 000Euros. No need to spend money, time and effort to develop their own platform.  
Focus on what you do best - offering amazing incentives and experiences - rather than managing your online promotion and marketing efforts.
Training and benefits of being connected in the network.


Travel Out There aims to become the leading global destination management network for incentives and corporate events. 

By offering our network of Local Experts exclusive licenses in their respective destinations our platform (valued at over 50,000 Euros) enables our clients to deal directly with local experts from A to Z. 

Commission on all sales. This gives our partners confidence that we will continue to work productively. 

The partner pays an annual fee to pay for all the induction procedures and ongoing training. For this investment you get the folllowing:
Your own website - city
Annual company retreat - partners network and share ideas - click here.
Induction Training workshops 
Unlimited ongoing back-up from our experienced team
Comprehensive Procedure Manual
Telephone and Online Support
Marketing guide and advice to generate your own leads
Artwork and design for start-up stationery
Marketing material artwork and design 












Find PartnerKey target is a LOCAL DMC / EVENT AGENCY  Key attributes: professional, personal, dynamic, web savvy and responsive.  

Interview Partners. Interview process to sign up candidate to run franchise / license in city.

Confirm Partner. Sign contract and set task completion dates on the Task Management software.. New recruit has training placement in Riga. Training in operations, system management and SEO. 

Build Framework. Travel Out There HQ will build framework and write the descriptive keyword rich menu text and landing pages.. Travel Out There will build the system and then train the partner how to develop, edit or remove content. 

Add ActivitiesTravel Out There will add core activities and explain to partner how they can continue to edit, create and delete activities on the system. The partner must complete our experience template and have activities listed within 4 weeks. Without experiences uploaded we cannot optimise. 

Optimise. Partner must complete all questionnaires and uploaded activities for TOT to create relevant and authentic landing pages and menu text be written.

Launch Website. Destination specific website is launched and becomes part of network.  Celebrated and promoted on Travel Out There social media and networking tools. Partner working independently.

Continued Development and Training. Both the partner and HQ collaborate on enhancing and developing the site.  

Incentive. Like the hotel incentive scheme – we have to continue to  incentivise and communicate with our partners to keep working hard and ensuring their destination is a strong and successful Travel Out There link in the chain.
Our optimisation efforts will only start once a minimum of 10 incentives are written. 
3 year contract signed - should we see that the partner is being proactive, professional and personal. 

End Goal. Matching Riga in terms of income and exposure…one more key in the chain to becoming Europe’s leading online experience provider.

You will be asigned a destination ambassador to help promote and optimise your destination.

Intern development program to support development and promotion the game and Travel Out There in your destination. (targeting local market. We will run an experiential marketing event to promote your service in the destination.
Primarily we target leads and business through our website - We do also work very actively engaging with our clients on platforms....Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube
Many of the leads will be generated online, via google from the following targetted search terms. Target a 1st page listing for the following search terms.

Search Term

Your City Team Building

Your City Team Bonding 

Your City  Incentives

Your City DMC

Your City Corporate Events 

Your City Corporate Retreats 






Travel Out There reccomends offering the opportunity to an employee within your organisation to partner Travel Out There.

That person might well be you!!!

To be eligible for a license of Travel Out There (and with that for your own Travel Out There site) you must, first of all, have a passion for your destination. Of course you also have affinity with the internet. Besides you are entrepreneurial and sales driven, but also social and communicative, for those are all qualities that we find important as a base for future cooperation.
  • A creative and highly enthusiastic self-starter
  • Strong business acumen
  • Independent, self-motivated and can work off their own initiative
  • A strong desire and passion for brand marketing and sales
  • Outgoing, confident and an excellent communicator
  • A positive, can do attitude
  • A hard worker
  • Embody the TOT Character; witty, charismatic and confident


Travel Out There is a young, dynamic company with an exceptional growth potential. The ambition to turn Travel Out There into a worldwide leading Experience Agency is something we would like to see reflected in you as a Partner.