What are the benefits and value of attending the Travel Out There Retreat?

Working in the MICE industry providing engaging Team Building activities and memorable incentives, the Travel Out There Partner summit in Riga gave us a first hand experience of being the end user rather than the provider.  It gave all the Travel Out There team a deeper understanding of why Team Building and Incentives Work.

Teams are made up of people, all highly skilled and experienced, but one has to recognize that they also bring their personality to a team.  After all we deal with a network of local experts from a number of countries with different cultures.
The Key objectives of the summit were to:
Build a shared vision across the network
To build a greater level of trust by improving communication channels
Embrace, harness and encourage creative talents
Inform, inspire and involve the team so that everyone was able to feel a part of the whole with a purpose. 


The retreat certainly helped build camaraderie throughout our network and strengthened relationships within the team. The retreat’s programme combined a series of seminars with Team Building activities. It provided us the platform to share ideas and innovate by thinking and acting in new synergistic ways to achieve our main goal to PROVIDE OUR CLIENTS EXPERIENCES THAT EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.
We recognized the importance of a well-balanced team - in personality as well as skill and ability - in order to maximize team performance. A key value of Travel Out There is to be personal, proactive and professional in our approach – the activities we included reflected this – interactive cooking experience, customize your own bean jar (symbolizing that a seed had been planted during the summit) and Segway tour. Hence we were putting the fun in to a corporate event.
Our Team Building event helped us Brain Storm Ideas on some challenges that we are facing. By doing so it enhanced our Team Culture and the ability to Analyse Team Performance, it made problem solving entertaining! 
The Travel Out There Team Building event helped all of us explore new sides of our personality and helped develop our Communication Skills.  Presenting to your own team is often more challenging than to a client. One of the most outcomes of the summit was to gain an insight from our local partners within the network. It allowed all of us to learn about and recognize new strengths within the team.
A key objective from the Team Building event was to build a sense of Trust throughout the network. The event created a safe environment in which partners felt free to offer constructive criticism without fear of retribution.
The brainstorming sessions highlighted that everybody has good ideas.  By understanding our core values and mission, hosting the event in a relaxed environment and giving structure to the program helped everyone feel inclusive. All of the partners shared their viewpoints and were on hand to tackle problems. Helping the team to create a shared vision was an essential objective.  By providing engaging dining experiences meant that this dialogue continued outside the classroom.
At Travel Out There we believe ‘Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions’ – receiving this feedback from our most valued partners was priceless. It is certainly helping us become a stronger and more successful company. 
Feedback from our partners.
  • Fantastic people.
  • You can only win :) / You can be more with this :) 
  • Experience to believe it :)
  • I felt more like at home. It's thanks to the atmosphere of all of us. Even the office has it's unique name - the house (which I like very much). All meetings were not stiff and not white collar stuff. We were getting to the core points of our business in a relaxed atmosphere which is much more productive than serious conferences... 
  • The summit exceeded my expectations. It was a great opportunity to get to now the other partners, strengthen and learn more about the network. I had a lot of fun and would definitely join again next year! 
  • TOT has the best team and team-spirit!
Travel Out There Summit 2014 - Click here to see Photo Gallery    

Wanting to attend a Travel Out There Retreat?

At Travel Out There we believe having fun together outside of the workplace, with a special Team Building event designed for our partners them feel valued and rewarded. Travel Out There will customize and tailor a Team Building event or incentive, with a variety of training and activities, to your exact requirements.  
The next retreat is scheduled for July 19th-22nd 2015!  By becoming a partner you will automatically reserve your place.

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