Facilitated Retreats

Interact with Key People of Influence & Interest!

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, an after dinner speaker, a conference facilitator or for something completely different, then look no further. Travel Out There can help ensure we put the right person on stage to inspire and entertain. We will liaise with you extensively during the event planning stages to ensure we jointly confirm the most suitable speaker for your event. We have the ‘network of competence’ to provide an array of speakers from the world of Business, Sport, Comedy, Exploration & Politics to ensure confidence in your event’s success.


Guest Speakers are ‘the cream’ for any business dinner, event, retreat or conference, and a great way to encourage, incentivise and motivate the audience both in the workplace and at home.  A good Guest Speaker really does help to generate the pre-event excitement and buzz that is crucial to ensure audience engagement and is the surest way to guarantee your event exceeds all expectations!  

Event + Reaction = Outcome

Travel Out There understand the importance of an event having a lasting impact for all those involved.  Guest speakers need to inspire and be relevant to the companies key objectives so that your delegates are left talking about it and implementing key lessons long after it ends.  The quality of the speaker you book can make or break your event, and it can be difficult to find the right person to deliver what your delegates want. That is why we are here to help you!

Travel Out There has selected, an excellent range of speakers, that not only, inspire and entertain their audience during their keynote talk but also have the skills, resources and experience to complement it with a highly interactive and practical workshop.  This helps all participants put into practice and implement the key lessons and theories from the talk into your own business and life. As well as, providing an excellent catalyst to strengthen connections and develop the culture of your company, by promoting the importance of purposeful communication and meaningful relationships.

Travel Out There's key strap line is you must 'Experience it to Believe it'. Our team have had the fortune to listen to and experience the workshop of all the great minds we partner during a Beam-In. Hence, we are able to matchmake the speaker/workshop combination to the companies key objectives and needs. Most importantly of all we have an understanding, trust and respect from both our clients and speaking partners that their is great value in establishing and facilitating this connection.  That is what it is all about - combining inspiring & informative training with engaging & fun team building workshops!


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Beam in Key People of Influence

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You can network with the key person of influence after the keynote

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Beam In's leave you buzzing!

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Travel Out There will donate all funds raised from their monthly Beam In's  to Supportmark. Through the commitment to carry a Supportmark all money raised will go directly to the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), the largest biometric research institute in Europe focussed exclusively on cancer research.  Read More