Meet Time; 09.00
Meet Place; Rainbow Foundation Meeting Room. Droogbak 1, Amsterdam
Meeting Topics; 
15 minutes;
Rainbow Foundation want to know how to connect with company's like Nike to commit to a city organization in Amsterdam. "We dont have cute babies, or sad stories from africa, we have the underground hard reality here on the street. how can you get that marketing-able for companies and what kind of things should we offer as organization te get and keep the interest of for example Nike".
15 minutes;
introduction of the warm hart event   Nike has the opportunity to sponsor a bin should they want to.  The price is 250Euros / bin. One option is that Nike sponsors 4 bins each group could customize their own bin.
Group is split in to 4 teams of 5 people
Group 1 and 2 spend 1 hour in centre of town trying to sell as many bits of wood as possible. (As shown in the photograph)
Each team will have the access of a 'Transfer / Courier Bike'.
Groups 3 and 4 Transfer to Pllek to prepare a bin each. allowing 30 mins transfer time. This is the place where the bins are being held. There are 30 bins that need preparing...should the group finish one they can continue to prepare others.
Groups 1 and 2 in Amsterdam centre selling the pieces of wood, 
Groups 3 and 4 at Pllek preparing 1 bin each at Pllek
Groups 3 and 4 leave Pllek  for centre
Meet Groups 1 and 2 at Rainbow Centre HQ and swap duties. (Groups 3 and 4 selling wood)
Groups 1 and 2 at Pllek prepare bins
Meet Group 3 and 4 at Rainbow Cenre HQ
Lunch at Pllek - Lunch will be arranged by us.
Award for team with best prepared bin and team that sold most wood.
Awards; Underground Amsterdam Tour vouchers and small presents from working places for homeless people (candles etc).
Leave Pllek.
This is a video of to be an inspiration of what the Rainbow Foundation do;