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Will receive:

  • A4 ring bound Colour calendar
  • Photos included from the event
  • Prepared in time for departure

Reward your colleagues with a creative calendar to remind them of great experiences on their incentive.  At Travel Out There we believe in multi sensory experience learning....this is a great team building experience for your colleagues to reinforce the learnings, relationships and memories from the event.


The challenge during this event is for participants to produce thirteen unique, memorable and inspirational images using the props provided for a company calendar.  Creativity and thinking outside of the box is key, after all this is a product that will be on the wall for a year.


The group will be split into teams who will each be allocated a number of months to create. Prior to tackling each of the individual photos, the group must collectively decide on a theme for the calendar, for example company colours, morals and values, CSR, sporting events and culture.  The event can be run in a photo studio or in a location / venue of your cholce.


This event is great fun, highly creative and encourages groups to work collaboratively towards a common goal. The calendar gives each participant a tangible lasting and practical reminder of the day and what everyone achieved when working together.


The Travel Out There Team will prepare you the souvenir calendar comprising of a series of images captured from your event.  This very personal and tangible momento will help, each member / participant, reinforce some of the lessons learnt and reflect on the enjoyable Travel Out There experiences daily!