Will receive:

  • Country: Photobox Ltd (UK)
  • Group size: 60 pax
  • Event: The Race - Build and Drive Grand Prix
  • Services provided: Transfers,  event organization, evening F&B


Just wanted to say: thanks so much for everything. It was all great, and all went smoothly. Thanks for everything and for your super support yesterday night and THANKS so much for the lovely gift!! So cute :) It was really a pleasure meeting you and working with you- would love to stay in touch, so please do call me when you're in London and we can get coffee!

Country: Madrid

Group size: 60 pax

Event: The Race - Build and Drive Grand Prix - the group divided into four groups and had just over one hour to build a their car out of cardboard and race it in a their own Grand Prix. Evening drinks and tapas in iconic bar in Madrid in the funky Latina area. 

Services provided: Transfers,  event organization, evening F&B

Description of Event:

The group divides, in this case,  into four teams of approx 15 people.  They have just one hour 15 minutes against the clock to assemble the perfect racing car out of cardboard.  Once the cars are assembled, each team elects a driver and two team members for the Race. Each team has one timed practice section before the classifying race.  Highly recommended for competitive groups - drawing on delegation, accuracy, engineering, production, design and physical fitness. 


What’s included:  

Includes: Design and marking of circuit, 1 master of ceremonies-presenter to preside and manage the activity, monitors-inspectors dressed accordingly, P.A. system with sound technician, certificates of attendance for all participants, diplomas for winning team

Per team: 1 tent-box, instructions manual and building plans for an “F-1 vehicle”, structural materials (chassis, axles, wheels and steering system), cardboard sheets for bodywork, tools, driver overalls, safety equipment (helmet, knee-pads and gloves)