Will receive:

  • Event Manager
  • Material
  • Transfers if needed

Give something back to the local community while making the world a little bit prettier!  Why not reduce your carbon footrpint by donating a tree and planting it in a local park?


Should you want to take your CSR experience to the next level, we could create an experinece where your team will be given the task of decorating and restoring a park in your city of choice. Travel Out There can help you find a suitable park and will ensure you have a permit if required.

This is an enjoyful and creative challenge where your team will work together to create the most beautiful park the city has ever seen!
The group will have to work together to create a plan for how to pimp the park. Alternatively, this could be turned into a pitching challenge, where each team have to present their design (together with budget and the function fo the park) and a jury will then decide which plan that will be incorporated. 
The team will decorate and fix the park together. We could also arrange an opening party for the park afterwards, where we would invite the local community and media to come and enjoy the new park.
The experience can also be combined with a scavenger hunt, where the teams have to find and buy the decoration material themselves within a given budget and time frame.