Will receive:

  • Client: Radisson Blu
  • Group size: 13 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga
  • Event: Company Away day
  • Services: Strategic workshop, creative workshops, catering and culinary workshop with professional chef


  • Client: Radisson
  • Group size: 13 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga
  • Event: Strategic Away day



"'We were delighted with the organisation of our Corporate Away Day. The activities helped engage the team to work, play and think together and were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Thank you!'"

Ronald Smithjes, Radisson Blu


Event description 

Radisson contacted us and asked us to arrange a one day strategic away day for their management team and we were happy to assist!

The day started with a four hour strategic Adizes workshop at the Balta Pirts, followed by a two course lunch. After lunch it was time for Creative Team Challenge. Each team was handed a few objects, among them balloons, straws, newspapers and a bag of rice, and had to come up with a game using the objects and then present it for the rest of the group. The creativity was flowing and a a lot of laughs followed with the demonstration of the games. 

The workshop was followed by an Ice Sculpture workshop where each team got to create their own sculpture.

The day ended with a culinary workshop led by the professional chef Karlis Celms, where the team worked together to create their own gourmet meal that was later enjoyed at a sit down dinner.