Our Top Restaurants in Riga for large groups and events




Avoid the hassle of having to read through all the reviews of restaurants in Riga in order to find a good place to eat. Riga Out There team is happy to provide you with a list of the best restaurants in Riga! Even the most picky eaters and most seasoned foodies will be satisfied with what the Latvian restaurant scene has to offer.

Gourmet Restaurants 
Biblioteka No1 suceedes to combine elegance and a surprising décor with seasonal and imaginative food.  3-pavari is by far the most foodie choice, wtih Latvian celebrity chefs serving delightful homegrown food in a very simple, but delicious fashion. A short ride out of town you will find 36 Line, a restaurant with one of the most spectacular views on the Baltic Sea. We can even arrange a beach party!!  In the old town our number one recommended restaurant is Kalku Varti.  Located close to Latvian National opera you find Kolonade that offers a mix of traditional Latvian food and contemporary cuisine.

Laid-back Restaurants
B-Bar is famous for its special cocktails and great food. A Suns, situated in the Berga Bazaars, offers a wide choice of beers and a charming summer terrace. Finally, try Carlstons for ribs and steaks galore.  Aqua Luna is a Restaurant, bar and lounge AQUA LUNA is on the bank of the river Daugava in the Andrejsala area of central Riga, and is the ideal place to enjoy nature, calmness, great food and good music – just a few steps away from the vibrant city centre.

Traditional Restaurants

A perfect place to embark on your Latvian culinary journey is Lido, a chain of traditional Latvian restaurants with self-service. Rozengrals is a medieval restaurant serving some of the most old-school food imaginable. After a day of adventures in Sigulda try Aparjods restaurant for Latvian-inspired food and a top-notch BBQ.


These restaurants are our trusted partners that never failed to provide a good service. We can help you make restaurant reservations in any Riga restaurant, and upon your request we can find alternative dining options or arrange a gala dinner in one of Riga's many venues.