Will receive:

  • English Speaking Guide,
  • Transfers
  • Safety Instructions and Equipment
  • 25-minute Flight Time

Duration (door to door):

3 hour(s)


This probably the most exhilarating experience Travel Out There currently offers in Riga. An opportunity to participate in The Baltic Bees aerobatic jet team show. The Baltic Bees pilots will adjust the difficulty and impressiveness of their manoeuvres taking into account your fitness condition and lust for adrenaline. If you feel you are the next Maverick, wanting to embark on a Top Gun experience, then prepare yourself for a 'heart in your mouth' experience.


We can offer this experiences for groups, up to five people can fly at one time in formation. Each flight time is 25 minutes.  Your job is to simply hold on and enjoy the ride!! You can fly with them!! A true once in a lifetime experience.


You can order a video of your flight - includes 2 cameras (on ground and in the jet as well as editing of  the video).


Should this experience prove to be too expensive and intense Travel Out There can provide a flight simulator experience that could bring out the pilot in you..


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