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Blaumaņa Street 38/40 Riga, LV-1011

BBQ Restaurant & Bar Čarlstons

The Čarlstons Restaurant is legendary in Riga, and the experience that its staff has gained during 20 years of events and everyday work ensures a high level of quality with original dishes and trustworthy services. The restaurant is in the centre of Riga, where urban rhythms of life can merge with the aroma of a countryside campfire. 


Where are we today? Every day we fire up our stoves and use alder wood to smoke meat for four to fourteen hours, thus ensuring unique nuances of taste. We offer juicy barbeque dishes with our homemade BBQ sauce and various side dishes. We have learned that BBQ is a simple way of cooking that is rich with tradition and causes the soul to sing.


BBQ is art, love and passion. The restaurant and its interior are excellently appropriate for a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a jolly party or an important celebration. The cool interior would not be out of place in upmarket New York smoke house, the service is good and the prices are very friendly.

The Restaurant.
 Room for 30-70 people, 130 m2.
The small banquet room at the restaurant. Room for 15-48 people, 90 m2 with an installed system, a stereo system and a television set.
Masterclasses are available.
Restaurant Terrace. Room for 15-50 people.
The banquet room. Opened in 1935 as the "Rotas" venue for events, with president Kārlis Ulmanis taking part in the opening ceremony.
Room for 40-130 people, 159 m2 + a front hall and coatroom of 46 m2, an installed sound system, a projector and screen, and coloured lights.

So if you are looking to fill up and get your fix of BBQ meat away from the regular tourist spots, make sure you visit Čarlstons. They also claim to have the best Cheesecake in Riga, that's got to be worth a taste hasn't it?




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