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     Interactive City Game - Photo Hunt


    Check out the Video of an interactive city game for 300 people in Riga

The playing field of this game is the city, where virtual checkpoints are spread out. Each team is equipped with and iPAD, where photo tasks come up, once you have arrived at the checkpoint. The game allows teams to engage with, one another as well as, the city and its people in a unique way.   


Not only will you explore and learn about many of the must-see points of interest in the city. You will be set challenges to capture some great team photographs (that can later be compiled into a virtual album) and have lots of fun doing that.


During the experience teams have to accomplish different tasks connected with an ability to orient, to socialize, to plan the order of tasks performance and make a successful team work.  It can also involve an element of theatrical and creative skill to capture the best images. In this competition each team has to search for the photo spots marked on the map and plan the time to arrive in special task places in specific time. Each team has to manage challenging tasks, to take the responsibility and to divide the work between the members of the team. We will aim to ensure each team member takes on the role both behind and in front of the camera.


Prizes will be awarded for teams who capture the best images and also complete the most amount of tasks in a given time. For the game we typically create teams of 5-8 members. You can specify how long you would like to play the game for but we would advise 2,5 - 3 hours. 


The Interactive City Game is perfect for ending a workshop or training day, since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and a great way to get to know your colleagues better. The game is also a good way to get to know the sights in the area in an unusual way.


Why not end a game with an AWARD CEREMONY where you dine or have drinks in a venue chosen for the occasion and we can present the photos taken by the teams during the game for everyone to see on the big screen as well as award the winning teams. A great way to celebrate!


One idea that is very popular with our clients is to play the game to make more entertaining a walking transfer to a restaurant or gala dinner. An ideal opportunity to reward the winning teams. We can present all the photos during a gala dinner or you can simply publish them on your social media channels. 


We can TAILOR and CUSTOMISE this team building experience to the theme and your exact needs, time schedules and even company branding. It is a great way for management to see how teams work together in a fun but challenging environment, by incorporating company related questions and tasks to help develop key training objectives. We can incorporate company logos in to the game and also include key questions about your company in to the game. Travel Out There will also award prizes for the best teams as well as log and record photos taken during the game.


Top 5 reasons why a Travel Out There Photo Hunt is an ideal Team Building Experience


1) We can run this game in any destination!

We already have games created in these destinations but we can create games in any city, town or even village at your request ;)

Travel Out There Trust Architects will manage all aspects of your engaging and remarkable experience. We will customise the game, in advance, and then coordinate the event on the day to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish!  We will ensure that everyone understands how to play the game during the briefing and be on-call for guidance and support. What really makes this team-building experience stand out is the amount of information our events team has on hand to share with everyone during the awards ceremony!


2) Explore the city in a fun and interactive way!

This team-building experience is perfect for ending a workshop or training day since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and really helps facilitate to enhance communication and effective collaboration. The game is also a good way to get to know the key points of interest and 'must-see sights' in a fun and unusual way.


3) Engage all of your team in a great experience!

It is a great way for management to see how teams work together in a fun but challenging environment. We can brand the game with company logos and incorporate company-related questions and tasks to help develop key training objectives.  An example objective where the game serves very well is helping employees to engage with top management.  


3) Capture Entertaining images 

Travel Out There will also award prizes for the best teams as well as log and record photos taken during the game. The images captured during the game can be immediately presented on a projector after the game and then be shared as an excellent memento of your experience.  Also great for social media material to share after your experinece.


4) Save money on transfer costs

Our Photo Hunts also save money on transfer costs.... the game can be played to serve as a 'walking transfer' from a hotel to a restaurant.  The prize presentation can be given during the gala dinner or even at the designated finish point (normally a restaurant). We can TAILOR and CUSTOMISE this team-building experience to your exact needs, time schedules and branding. 


5) Incorporate a CSR element into your event.

If you would like not only to have fun and see the city, but also do good, have a look at The Ultimate CSR Challenge, which is a similar game that incorporates elements of charity and sustainability.


Should you require any further assistance to ensure your Travel Out There Experience is one to remember - our events team can provide you with a full Experience Management Service to help plan an amazing experience tailored to your exact needs and requirements.



  • Develop and conceptualise ideas
  • Practice experimental learning  
  • Encourage and embrace creativity
  • Learning from, and effectively improving mistakes
  • Improve cooperation and analysing of results.


  • Encouraged creativity
  • Improved conceptualization of ideas
  • Improved team communication and cooperation
  • Tools and tips to promote future creative thinking
  • A creative collaboration to share.


  • English-speaking Event Manager
  • Tablets for each team
  • Code game experience
  • Prizes for winning team
  • Complete set of images from the game for all teams



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