Will receive:

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

3 hour(s)


  • The traps release clays at a various angles...some swoop like pigeons others dance like rabbits. 
  • We will record the number of hits / kills for each shooter and reward the best marksman with a prize.
  • Feeling like you need a winter warmer or a refreshing beer - the onsite bar can satisfy your thirst.
  • The English speaking instructors will ensure all the group shoot correctly and give you some valuable tips to smash those clays!!
  • Clay Piegeon shooting been a popular experience for Travel Out There.
  • Did you know that the terminology used by clay shooters, realtes to times past, when live pigeon competitions were held.  It was in 1921 when competitions like these were made illegal, but the targets are still called 'birds' and a hit is referred to as 'a kill'.  If you want to an excuse for your bad shooting you can say that you are member of an animal welfare organisation as a missed target is called a 'bird away'


Clay pigeon shooting is an excellent daytime activity for both leisure and corporate groups. We can provide additional refreshments and hospitality at the clay pigeon shooting centre should you desire.
A visit to this exclusive shooting complex is a must for groups wanting to combine an outdoor experience in  countryside with the sound of shooting guns and exploding clays.

Staying cool, calm and collected is the name of the game while on a clay shoot. Clay pigeon shooting is a thrilling experience, demanding concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions.

Waiting with your finger on the trigger, we can guarantee you'll feel your heart pounding as you wait for the trap to release your target. Aim, fire and hit!


Please Note - Unfortuately this activity is no longer available in Berlin. 


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