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Co-Creation Video is a prime example of multi-sensory, experience learning.   The film could contrast a leader working with Energy and an Edge with one that does not. The same concept could be applied to a leader working with Passion and Ethics and one that has not developed these qualities to the same level. The process of ‘Brainstorming’, ‘Storyboarding’, ‘Personalising’ and ‘Dramatizing’ these qualities is a very new and effective approach to reinforce and imbed to memory these lessons forever.  

The actual process of filmmaking is very much a team effort.  Travel Out There have set out to improve communication, cooperation and goal orientated strategies.  There is saying 'that you are only as strong as your weakest link' – this is certainly the case when making a film. The facilitators will explain the various roles of film crew members and team work involved. 



  • This teambuilding activity really helps emphasise the understanding of the importance or working together for a common goal.  By each playing a part in the production of the film, without factions or divisive elements we hope that these lessons will be reflected in the work space.


  • All roles within the team are of equal importance. For the film to be a success everyone must give 100%
  • New ways of communicating within a team, whether it be through pictures, dialogue or acting.
  • Explore new sides of their own personality taking on roles within film making that they would never imagined being capable of. 


  • A wonderful souvenier film
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships within the team
  • The importance of working collectively for a shared goal


This is not only an excellent momento, of your experience with Travel Out There, but it also helps promote a greater sense of unison and cohesion amongst the group during the experience itself.  Encouraging and empowering a greater sense of 'bottom-up' innovation within your workplace by gaining imput and feedback from all members of the organisation during the creative process.


The video can also serve as a promotional tool to enhance your social media presence. Why spend money on 'stuff' for your office when you can invest in what really matters...your workforce and causes your company supports. This could be an excellent opportunity for your brand to actively demonstrate you have a CSR policythat is, not simply stated on paper but, implemented in reality. 


We believe that customers buy in to the story of your brand and that transparency is new currency of trust. This is why Facebook is becoming such an influential purchasing decision-driver. Customers are becoming increasingly interested in the 'who's and 'why's, rather than the 'what's, driving the business. After all, you shake hands with a person not a business!


Travel Out There Co-Creates Videos with our clients to:

  • engage and align teams with the company's vision and values
  • helps reduce staff turn over and attract new talent
  • provide 'remarkable' video Social Media content


The 3 Stages of Co-Creation


Travel Out There continues to support Riga Business School Masters Programme with a  Make Your Own Film workshops tailored to the course's content.


Stage 1

Travel Out There assist the management team to gain feedback from ALL of the workforce on what aspects they value most from working in the company. This helps tailor the 'experience' in stage 2 and also develop the key underlyng storyline of the video. During this stage we would also capture some footage of your workplace and surrounding area to give the viewer an insight to 'inner engine' of the company.

Stage 2

With all the information gathered, our event architects and in-house production develop the conecpt of the video and the associated experiences involved.  Once the concept is confirmed by the management team the action begins and Co-Create the video.  

Stage 3  

With all the exciting footage captured and a wonderful experience enjoyed by all, our editors cut the video ready to share!  Once uploaded our content marketing team will give you tips and tricks on how to get the greatest exposure and ROI for the co-creation!


Examples and Case Studies


Below are some previous examples of video we have co-created to help capture some magic moments for our clients.  This is not only an excellent momento, of your experience with Travel Out There, but it also helps promote a greater sense of unison and cohesion amongst the group during the experience itself.   You can see some of the videos Travel Out There have produced by visiting our YouTube Channel.

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