Will receive:

  • Strategic retreat followed by a tailored NO PHONE Experience, specially suited to your company’s needs and routines.
  • Event Manager


  • Each team member will have to wear suitable outdoor clothing
  • Long trousers, walking shoes / trainers, Waterproof
  • Hat, sunscreen and insect repellant recommended.

At Travel Out There we have developed a Program designed for your team to spend some time to 'connect' and collaborate, with the assistance of a key trainer,  on strategic issues that aim to dramatically improve growth, profitability and other areas of company performance.  The impact of taking your team out of the normal working environment really does help encourage a "think different approach" in tackling some of challenges you may be facing as a company. 
Complimenting the Connect experience Travel Out There then faclitates a disconnect experience – where all the participants have to leave their phones, tablets and computers at the hotel and head out for 2 days in to Latvia's wilderness. We guarantee you will come back as a fresher, more productive and creative team.  Our standard programme involves going out in to nature and working with our team building facilitators on team building workshops. 
We can incorporate some wellbeing activites such as yoga, mediation, creative workshops and or cullinary team building in to the prorgramme.

Connect & Disconnect Program Overview:

(Summer and Winter programmes can be developed...above is an example of a winter programme. Please click here to see pictures taken from a winter experience organised for GlobalDegree.tv) Please see Survive and Thrive for our more extensive programme overview of the experience.
Day 1
- Arrive in hotel Ezeri (optional activity – bobsleigh, aerodium)
- Introduction / meetup / briefing
- Dinner, networking
- Night in hotel
Day 2
- Breakfast
- Training in conference room
- Lunch
- Continue training 
- Interactive cooking dinner
- Night in the hotel
Day 3
- Breakfast
- Training in conference room (2h)
- Check out, get ready to go
- Leave for Smiltene by 12:30, have packed lunch on the bus
- Survival training starts: arrival by 2:00 p.m. Preparation of equipment, principles of building a shelter
- Settling in for the night. First night outdoors
Day 4
- Basic principles of survival, types of shelter, types of movement, making fire, orientation in wintertime. Second night outdoors.
Day 5
- Overcoming obstacles in wintertime, a dip in an icy lake, conclusion of the course, sauna. Leave for home around 3:00 p.m.
- Transfer to Riga 




Coach, founder of Survival School in Latvia, qualified through professional experience, survived real survival situations:

●  Winter survival course in Sweden in – 37 degrees 

●  Coastal Survival course in Great Britain 

●  Basic Survival course in Great Britain 

●  Survival skills instructor in Latvian armed forces 



Coach, Survival School instructor, Fathers & Sons program director, organize camps and lead hikes



  • Being in the moment in nature
  • Survival and Bush Craft Skills
  • Reflecting on our relationship with digital technology
  • Embracing creativity and mindfulness as well as overcoming fear
  • Crisis management and cohesive decision making
  • Valuing personal interaction and offline relations


  • Increased well-being
  • Reevaluated relationship with digital technology
  • Increased creativity and efficiency
  • Enhanced team work and personal relations
  • Increased morale and synergy for all teams
  • Teams have experienced a trust and friend acceleration initiative that works!


  • English-speaking Event Manager
  • Professional tuition from Instructors
  • Tailored programme
  • Food during the hike and dinner
  • Sauna
  • All necessary equipment 
  • Photo and video souvenir of the expedition.



When you are looking for options for your teambuilding event, quite many options come around. It was the personalised experience and the amazing team of Travel Out There that made the decision easy. The organisers were all-in to make the experience valuable and authentic. If you are adventurous, ready to step out of your comfort zone and feel connected to your team again, this is the right choice.  Kristine Kornilova - Tech Hub Riga


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