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Travel Out There - has a very broad and extensive range of experience working in the events and travel business.  We understood that companies are not solely financially driven and there is a real drive to have ‘feel good’ motivators.  The importance of companies working with a strong CSR ethos is crucial in every aspect of the business.       


Involving themselves in a project that has a mutual benefit to the company and local community is not only, fun, rewarding and memorable experience but also energizes employee engagement, encourages team building and enhances your company’s reputation.


In most cases we aim to combine elements of each. By immersing yourself in the local culture it helps the group gain a greater understanding of the environmental needs of the destination. This in itself gives your team the ability to advise and brainstorm ideas with the charity/ partner to think of ways to help develop their scheme further.


For all CSR Incentives we ensure that: 

Schemes and projects must be of mutual benefit to corporate and charity / institution. 

There is a good cultural fit between the partners involved. Please click here to read the 5 questions we will ask you to evaluate the fit between your organization and the local partner.

Clear objectives are set for each particular activity.

Measures of success are implemented.

It is enjoyable and rewarding!


We believe that community and environmental products can be organized in any destination. We have a lot of experience working in many destinations in Central and Eastern Europe, but can organize incentive trips and CSR projects in any desired destination.


We have a huge database of partners to collaborate with to ensure that the ‘cultural fit’ is a good one between your organization and the cause. We love the challange of coming up with new ideas to suit your needs and specifications.



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