Will receive:

  • Tickets to the game
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Transfers can also be arranged
  •  Hospitality packages can be arranged on request.

Ask anyone what is the sporting religion in Latvia, Travel Out There can guarantee the answer will be ice hockey!!  Dinamo Riga is the number one hockey team in Latvia and if your visit coincides with a home fixture you would be crazy not to go. You will get to see a side of Latvians that contradicts the stereotype.  Some say that Latvians are quite reserved and quiet in nature...go to a ice hockey match in Riga and you will see a very different side.


The atmosphere is fantastic in the Arena Riga, a venue that was built for the 2006 World Hockey Championships, and the quality of hockey is simply world class. For the untrained eye, you might struggle to keep up with the pace of the game as many of the top international hockey players are leaving the NHL to play in the Russian equivalent league called the KHL.  


Dinamo Riga claim to have the best fans in the KHL.  There is a chant the fans shout 'Tikai Riga, Tikai Dinamo' which translates to 'Only Riga, Only Dinamo'. Go to one of the games and you will understand the true meaning. Travel Out There will take you to the game that you will never forget, feel the real spirit of hockey, unity and  hopefully victory of Dinamo Riga.


Check out the schedule of Dinamo Riga games!  Travel Out There can organise VIP corporate hospitality packages for games as well as boxes including dining and refreshments.  'Tikai Dinamo, Tikai Travel Out There' - Only Dinamo, Only Travel Out There!!