Will receive:

  • Test Run, Qualification Run and Final for fastert racers
  • Medals and Diplomas
  • English Speaking Event Manager
  • Transfers

Electrocarding is the easiest way for everyone to experience the speed and power of a motor racing in a controlled environment. The karts are not for the faint hearted, they can reach 40km / h in 3-4 seconds in the largest indoor electro-karting track in the Baltics. 

The hall is equipped with many other attractions that will keep everyone entertained, including Air Hockey, Sega Rally, Play Stations etc.

Event format

The general plan is that, first off, all participants are registered with profiles, then they have a test run on the track of around 4 mins, which is followed by the qualification run (12 laps) to determine which four people will be competing in the final run for gold, silver and bronze medals. The tournament ends on a festive note, when everyone gathers to receive their results, the winners are awarded medals and everybody takes a group photo on the pedestal.

Should you want to embark on an outdoor karting experience - we can also organise that for you!