Will receive:

  • Room Escape Rental
  • Event Manager
  • Prizes for those who manage to escape


  •  Transfers and additional catering requirements can be provided on site.

Choose between a number of rooms for your escape room experience in Riga - 'The Abandoned apartment', 'The Secret Prison', 'The Bunker', 'The Saw', 'The Underground Casino' or 'Old Captain's Cabin'. We recommend group sizes of 4 persons for each room.

All the rooms are located in Riga and we can ensure that all the group are plaiyng simulatenously. 

Each room has a theme and various tasks to complete in order to escape. You have to work together to crack the codes and escape within the one hour timeframe. Failing to complete the task in time......there could be some drastic consquences.

Transfers can be provided to the event location if required and refreshments are included. Lunches and dinners can also be provided on site on request.


  • Define effective processes to solve the problems
  • Discover the power of a common team language 
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to change in order to win the overall challenge 
  • Increase effective communication
  • Improve team effectiveness


  • Highlight focus and commitment
  • Empower individuals
  • Work under pressure


  • English-speaking Event Manager
  • Room Escape Rental
  • Refreshments
  • Prizes for those who manage to escape


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