F E R M A Restaurant is located in the so-called Quiet Centre of the city, opposite the Viesturdārzs park, embedded in the atmosphere of middle-class lifestyle and leisurely pleasures typical of this neighbourhood of Riga. The summer terrace makes it possible to experience all the joys of a country picnic in the very heart of the city: prepared in a real smoking house and cooked on live fire, the dishes stimulate the taste buds, and the sights of the Viesturdārzs park make you want to reach for a paintbrush.

Each visit to F E R M A Restaurant is like an educational gastronomical adventure. Choose the role of a spectator and follow the culinary mystery played out for your benefit in the open kitchen – or book the Chef’s Table with a company of friends and learn all the secrets of modern gastronomy, nuances of the restaurant etiquette and answers to any culinary questions you may have in a personal conversation with the head figures of F E R M A Restaurant. And yet the best way to learn is definitely through enjoying the flavours – the genuine flavours of nature.

The best farms, fisheries and game estates in Latvia are proud to work with F E R M A Restaurant. The result is a menu featuring incredible dishes and the unique emotional experience of dining at the restaurant. For instance, it is only at F E R M A that you can taste a steak cooked from aged Latvian beef.

Chef of F E R M A Restaurant Māris Astičs is famous as one of the most prominent Latvian masters of fish cuisine. He has managed to help the public rediscover some of the local fish species deemed ‘too obvious’ by the local foodies. Today, the fish dishes prepared by Māris Astičs are sought after by gastronomes from abroad, and the textbook Baltic herring lives side by side with locally-grown tiger prawns in the menu of F E R M A Restaurant.

Māris Astičs and his team believe in the perfection of flavours and wealth of culinary potential of the Latvian regional produce. It is unleashed with the help of European cooking techniques and original recipes. As a result, each dish is a manifestation of the power of the Latvian land, the skill of human hands and the cherished memories that we all share – like the main delicacy from childhood summers spent in the country, a fresh cucumber wrapped in comb honey.

Latvian bread is another product that holds a special place in the culinary history of this country. So much more than just a worthy complement to any dish, it is a value in itself. The ‘house bread’ of F E R M A Restaurant is a home-made delicacy baked from natural ingredients in keeping with the traditions of Latvian breadmaking. That is our philosophy and that is how each new day begins for us.


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