Peldu 19 Basement, Old town

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Tavern "Folkklubs ALA Basement" is a unique place in the Old Town! Here you can meet Latvian folk and world music, traditional and contemporary Latvian kitchen Latvian dance evenings and Latvian and world folk music concerts! A special atmosphere at the historic location we create spaces - ancient wine cellars, which now takes place between the old vaults and cozy conversations with beer glasses and boisterous dances accompanied by live music.
ALA offers the widest Latvian beer produced in situ of varieties - with us you can taste 27 Latvian produced beer! We also offer self-propelled ALA home brew, Latvian best house wines, tinctures and a wide selection of teas as well as seasonal monthly menus and offers from local production, business lunch and live music that sounds at least five nights a week!
Big traditional medieval banquet
Roasted pig, 12 hours roasted with 3 different traditional Baltic marinades (12-13.century documentation and recipes), served with a range of traditional side dishes, including:
-Grey peas with smoked salted bacon (from the same pig)
-Wheat groat (buckwheat) porridge with spring onions
-Sauerkraut (both fresh and sautéed)
-Traditional wood oven bread (sourdough and rye)
-Traditional fruit bread with local honey
-3 liter jugs of beer or Latvian wine bottles (amount depend of number of guests).
All food is from local farmers and growers, and is ecologically grown. We bake our own bread and source only the best traditional ingredients.
All offers come with complimentary bread and butter, as well as mineral water.
Lunch Menu Options
Choice of:
- Grey pea soup
- Vegetable soup
- Latvian meatball soup
- Mixed green salad with salmon
- New potato salad with marinated boneless chicken thighs and rye bread
Choice of:
-Pork cutlet topped with grilled vegetables and cheese, and potato puréeer
-Grilled chicken thigh with rice pilaf and  mushroom sauce
-Chicken schnitzel with spicy cream sauce and boiled potatoes
-Ground meat cutlets with spicy carrot salad, boiled potatoes and cheese sauce
-Herb marinated chicken thigh with roasted potatoes
-Braised pork stroganoff  with potato purée
Choice of:
- Cherry crumb cake with vanilla sauce
- Honey cake with caramelized apples
- Apple crumble with plum sauce
- Chocolate-berry tart with whipped cream
- Crumble cheesecake with raspberry sauce
- Vanilla Napoleon with caramel sauce

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