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Hanzas Perons


Modern Space for Culture and Art with a Touch of History! Hanzas Perons, a former Riga cargo railway warehouse in New Hanza neighbourhood, is now being reborn into the project by architect Reinis Liepiņš from Sudraba Arhitektūra architecture firm. The reconstruction vision implies retaining the historical image of the building and restoring the industrial spirit of the place. The idea is to expand the building both visually and emotionally making it another landmark in Riga’s centre with a reference to the rich past of the city.


Having a total space of 4,396 m2 and public space of 2,800 m2, including the big hall of 1,230 m2, Hanzas Perons is going to become a multifunctional space for culture and art that can be transformed in a variety of ways: a concert hall for 1,100 seats, art and exhibition gallery, venue for corporate events, etc.  

In the roof, the designers have retained the original wooden beams and added new metal framework, which will together serve as a decoration and load- bearing frame for setting art pieces and event equipment. The interior will feature the warehouse image through the restored brick walls.



  • Hall dimensions: 80x15 m
  • Hall space: 1,230 m2
  • Roof clearance: 9.5 m
  • Wooden beam clearance: 6.3 m
  • Height of rigging points: 6.8 m
  • Intended weight limit: 300 kg/m
  • 16 entrance doors to the hall with the black box option
  • 7 doors/gates to the backstage with electronic access
  • Renovated original brick walls
  • Openable roof windows with the black box option



Big Hall. Lighting in the big hall will be provided by Flos Running Magnet system with four lighting rails through the entire room (only breaking at the points of removable soundproof walls) and individually programmable spotlights. DALI system enables event managers to adjust the spotlights in the room for any type of event.


Main Lobby. Area – 355 m2. Automated glass doors from Pulkveža Brieža Street and Mihaila Tāla Street, ensuring convenient access both from the parking lot and public transport stops. 


West Lobby. West lobby is going to offer a bar and a ventilated smoking room at the far end of the lobby.


Cloakrooms and Amenities. In the newly built underground floor, cloakrooms and WCs will be located, as well as special elevators for disabled people with the access from the main lobby.


Public Area. Honeywell VARIODYN sound system will make it possible to use two external audio sources to ensure background music in the entire Hanzas Perons or in any of the six zones or groups of zones – the hall, or its parts, lobby, cloakrooms or backstage.


Access for Service Transport. Service transport access road leads to four gates in the building. One of them enables the transport to drive into the hall.



Backstage Designed for the Comfort of the Staff

First Floor

  • 122 m2 kitchen with a separate delivery area
  • 383.7 m2 backstage service area, including the storage rooms and lobbies

Second Floor

  • 156 m2 artists’ area with electronic access: six rooms, two of them equipped with individual showers and WCs
  • Two 15 m2 comfortable locker rooms for ladies and gentlemen (up to 30 lockers each) with showers and WCs



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