Will receive:

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

2 hour(s)

Why must you go Karting with Travel Out There?

  • Hugely competitive and high octane fun for all your group. 
  • Up to 10 karts can race at a time therefore racing tournaments can be organised for large groups.  
  • Time tracking software and incredibly fast track makes this karting experience a great activity for the speed freak in you.
  • Banquets and refreshments can be provided track side for spectators..
  • Karting has been a top seller for Travel Out There - check out some of our Karting reviews.


A top class professional indoor Karting track to give you the ultimate driving experience. The hall is equipped with time-tracking software.  A bottle of finest Latvian champagne will be presented to the Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Mika Häkkinen amongst you! We have many people from all over the world embarking on a karting experience therefore you will have to choose who your racing hero is!!

The first race will provide you with some warm up time before the racing in the Grand Finale. Each driver will race a 10-minute heat and a 10-minute final.  We often suggest opting for a grid start for the final to add a more suspence and adrenaline to the race. Waiting for the light to go green your heart certainly begins to pump.

We can also offer your group the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor karting experience ...Click here for more details.  



From Holland? Read the Dutch translation for Karting.  Please note, Breathalyser tests are conducted before the races and if you have 0.6mg of alcohol in your system, our activity providers will not allow you to race!


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