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Lido restaurant

Lido recreation centre is the largest restaurant of Lido chain, offering traditional Latvian dishes. The centre is located a little bit outside the centre of Riga and over the years it has become the business card of Latvia and the central tourism object in Riga.

Lido recreation centre built in traditional Latvian design is one of the largest log buildings in Europe, constructed from specially selected Latvian fir-trees over 100 years old. With the total area of 2500 m2 the three-storey building can accommodate up to 1000 guests.

In 2003 the centre was expanded with an amusement park making it a perfect destination for families.

It is a self-service restaurant - you pick up a tray and walk around the restaurant, and see all with around 500 different dishes being cooked and laid out in front of you so you can see and smell it. With everything looking and smelling so delicious you usually end up taking more food than you can eat.

Lido has 9 restaurants and bistros scattered all over Riga where you can try dozens of Latvian beers and the biggest selection of buffet food you have probably ever seen anywhere in the world! Yes, we know that is a big statement - but we believe it is true!

Private events can be held in the Express Restaurant where the menu-selected fish, meat and vegetarian courses, of both European and Latvian cuisine are served in a festive atmosphere.


 Example Menu

Fish plate:

Lightly salted salmon

Fish in beer pastry

Cold smoked mackerel

Deep-fried breaded shrimp

Fresh vegetables

Meat plate:

Beef tongue

Meat loaf with caraway seeds and cheese

Hot smoked chicken gyros

Fried chicken wings

Chicken roll with dried apricots

Roast pork

Pickled vegetables


Home made meat salad

Dressed herring

Vegetable salad with olives and fresh cheese

Dressings for cold dishes

 LIDO bread

Rye bread



Hot dishes:

Fried salmon

Barbecued chicken fillet

Grilled pork ribs



Fried vegetables 

Boiled potato fry

Stewed sauerkraut

Orange sauce

Spicy tomato sauce



Fruit plate

LIDO mini pastries  



Water with lemon

Coffee, Tea

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