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6 hour(s)

The Make Your Own Film event is a prime example of multi-sensory, experience learning.   The film could contrast a leader working with Energy and an Edge with one that does not. The same concept could be applied to a leader working with Passion and Ethics and one that has not developed these qualities to the same level. The process of ‘Brainstorming’, ‘Storyboarding’, ‘Personalising’ and ‘Dramatizing’ these qualities is a very new and effective approach to reinforce and imbed to memory these lessons forever.  

The actual process of filmmaking is very much a team effort.  Travel Out There have set out to improve communication, cooperation and goal orientated strategies.  There is saying 'that you are only as strong as your weakest link' – this is certainly the case when making a film. The facilitators will explain the various roles of film crew members and team work involved. 




  • This teambuilding activity really helps emphasise the understanding of the importance or working together for a common goal.  By each playing a part in the production of the film, without factions or divisive elements we hope that these lessons will be reflected in the work space.


  • All roles within the team are of equal importance. For the film to be a success everyone must give 100%
  • New ways of communicating within a team, whether it be through pictures, dialogue or acting.
  • Explore new sides of their own personality taking on roles within film making that they would never imagined being capable of. 


  • A wonderful souvenier film
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships within the team
  • The importance of working collectively for a shared goal




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