Will receive:


  • Suitable footwear (no sandals or flip flops),
  • During the summer months, it is recommended that you bring some mosquito repellent.

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

4 hour(s)


Why must you go Paintballing with Travel Out There?


Paintball is a fantastic activity for groups with large numbers – shooting carnage and outdoor adrenaline as you paint the living daylights out of each other.


Paintball has been a hit for large groups wanting to have a fun daytime activity with a competitive edge.  Travel Out There can provide rewards for the best team and refreshments on request.  


You get to play a variety of a games that promote team spirit and camaraderie. These include capture the flag, free the hostage and all out carnage. Equipment hire consists of paintball gun with an air balloon, masks, uniforms and 100 balls. (More balls and, for the hard core, ‘paint grenades’ can be purchased on the day).


Please specify in the additional notes section of your enquiry form should you want to opt for the indoor option.



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