Riga Art Space


Riga Art Space, in two rooms, is a gallery for modern art and a concert venue. As the name suggests, The Riga Art Space is a great opportunity to combine modern local cuisine with local and international contemporary artists to display their imaginative works and concepts.


Riga Art Space aims at promoting and supporting contemporary art both locally and internationally. It hosts only temporary art exhibitions and collections. The exhibit programme is created in collaboration with experts, which helps to create dynamic partnerships with contemporary art centres in the Baltic Sea region.


Between exhibitions and in December and January, when there are no exhibitions taking place, the facilities of Riga Art Space are available for rent and variety of events, for example, large-scale conferences, seminars and lectures. For a successful event, we offer to use Riga Art Space equipment and personnel.


The total area of Riga Art Space exhibition hall is 1685m2 divided into three different halls:

The large hall (1500m2) is suitable for corporate events, large conferences, discussion panels and lectures, and other events and can host up to 500 people.

The small or Intro hall (115 m2) is suitable for seminars, discussions, conversations and presentations, as well as other event and can host up to 100 people.

The education room (70m2) is suitable for meetings, presentations and other events and can host up to 25 people. As this room is separated from other halls, it is available also during exhibitions.



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