Will receive:


  • minimum 8 people
  • maximum 15 people per beer bike


New to the streets of Riga, the infamous Riga Beer Bike allows you to combine your favourite past times when visiting a new city, drinking local ale and exploring the destination's top attractions.  You can have a choice when booking whether you would like a Travel Out There informative guide or a qualified sightseeing guide to accompany you on the bike.


Beer gives you the pedal power to meander round Riga soaking up the sights and highlights. Be sure not to forget your cameras!


Ideal for groups of 8 to 15 people we can guarantee it will be a great laugh for all participants and raise a lot of smiles from passers by! Who knows you might even be able to recruit some locals to help pedal should your legs be getting weary.


We would recommend this experience for the summer months.  Should you want to opt for a standard Bike Tour we can also organise that for you.  


Riga Beer Bike - experience it to believe it!





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