Will receive:


  • Comfortable clothing and footwear,
  • Sun cream, Camera and hat
  • Available from April to September.

Duration (door to door):

3 hour(s)


Enjoy the panoramic views of Riga by paddling down the Riga canal that borders the old town and  then venture on to the river Daugava.



Whilst you paddle down the canal you will view the many romantic bridges in Riga's parks.  Pass by the fountains of Kronvalda park, meet Alexander Pushkin on the way, the House of Congresses  leads you to hill of Bastejs and magestic Monument of Freedom and graceful National Opera House. Approach Central Station and ancient large scale pavilions of Central market. 



When paddling down the river Daugava be prepared to cruise under 5 main bridgesuniting central Riga and it's other coast Pardaugava.  A chance to compare the panoramic view to Rigas contrasting coastlines with Old City monuments, churches and historic houses on one side and low wooden buildings juxtaposed by modern sky-scrapers on the other. Canoeing in Riga really allows you to appreciate and marvel the scenary of Riga as well as getting a good fix of exercise.



Day trip and evening trip (21:00 - 24:00) possible.  This is a seasonal activity and we would recommend opting for this experience during the summer months.



If you fancy escaping from Riga and being ‘at one with nature’ – then we would recommend the Gauja Canoe Expedition. You will spend the day boating down the River Gauja, providing you with the best vantage points from which to enjoy the sandstone cliffs and virgin forests of Latvia’s most beautiful valley. 


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