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If Riga nightlife is the thing you want to experience then we will ensure that you visit Riga's best bars and clubs.  At Riga Out There we know all the best places and people if you really want to party in Riga! Riga nightlife, how good is it? Does Riga's party scene live up to its infamous reputation? The simple answer is YES!!  There is a popular T-shirt in Latvia: 'Riga - 365 Friday nights a year'. If you are from Western Europe then it is unlikely you have experienced anything as exciting as Riga nightlife.  You must fight for your flight to party in Riga


Riga bars & Riga clubs offer exciting nights out in Latvia's capital for visitors of all ages and tastes. You will find most Riga clubs & bars in Riga Old Town, but there are also lots of excellent pubs, bars, cocktail bars, live music venues and cafes in other parts of the Latvian capital. 


If you want to find the best bars and clubs in Riga then have a look on our TOT TOP rated Riga map, where you will find the best bars and best clubs to party in Riga , the best places to eat  and the best best attractions and things to see in Riga!!!!


With safety in mind, and your time in Riga limited, we aim to guide you through the Riga nightlife scene, with completely up-to-date information about dozens and dozens of the best bars and clubs in the Latvian capital. Simply click on the name of the bar or club you are interested in, or choose the type of establishment from the drop down menu. 


If you are interested in experiencing the cutting edge of Riga’s nightlife then we strongly recommend that you gain the inside information from a Riga Out There nightlife guide. With the help of our Riga Best Nightlife Guide, we will tell you which Riga Nightclubs and Riga Bars are hot and where are not! 


The establishments listed below were placed on the American Embassy's black list of clubs and bars to avoid. "They have become notorious for credit card fraud extortion scams, prostitution rings and violence by organized criminals. Embassy staff and their family members are officially prohibited from patronizing these locals.  These prohibitions were put into place to ensure the safety of American Embassy employees and their family members"


Sinthia and her friends manage most of our nightlife tours in Riga. We can also organise VIP CLUB Entrances. 


Click here to contact Sinthia to discuss your nightlife experience.



Angels - Elizabetes 22

Babylon - Kalku 24; (formerly Roxy Klub) located near the entrance to Old Town on Kalku street.

A13 - Audeju 13; (formerly Mary) located on the east side of Galleria Centrs Mall.

Enigma - Kalku 22; located next door to Livu Krodzins. (formerly Puzzle and Pink Panther).

Livu Krodzins Bar/Pizzeria - Kalku 22 (formerly Royal Pub, Lord's Pub and Groks Pub) located next door to Babylon.

Baltic Saloon –(formerly Red Lion Pub and Saxon) Laipu 7; located near Livu Square in a small street to the right of restaurant Steiku Haoss.

Golden Dolls (formerly Kapsula Bar) - located on Audeju Iela near Galleria Center in Old Town( Formerly Zephyr Bar)

Blow Style- formerly Monroe’s nightclub – Skarnu Iela 7, Behind Indian Raja.

Hostel Pub - Teatra street 12

Sonali Pub - Brivibas street 46

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