Will receive:

  • 90 minutes Audio Bus Tour
  • 9 languages

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

1 hour(s)

The tour is conducted by a native language audio guide in English or 9 other languages by choice (Latvian, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, Italian and Spanish). It contains competent and interesting commentaries.

During  the audio-stereo show with sound effects and musical accompaniment you will see more than 34 sights, the best views of architecture design and a panorama of Old Town. Groups can be picked up from hotels. The Tour duration is about 90 minutes. 

We provide high quality service in summertime with the bus-cabriolet and the bus with air-conditioner. Buses equipped with soft seats, hygienic headphones, and steward.


1. Central market
2. The Railway bridge
3. The Town Hall square
4. "Stone Bridge" - TV Tower
5. The panoramic view of the Old Town
6. "The Trinity church" in Pardaugava (orthodox)
7. "Swedbank" Tower
8. The Rope (suspension) bridge - Riga port
9. The Riga Castle
10. Latvian National Theatre
11. Former Gas Factory
12. The Bastion Hill
13. The Freedom Monument
14. Latvian National Opera
15. The Former Post Office
16. Vermanes Park
17. The Orthodox Cathedral
18. Latvian Academy of Arts
19. Embassies of Russia, Ukraine and Finland
20. Art Nouveau architecture
21. Esplanade park
22. The main street of Riga
23. "Alexander Nevsky" orthodox church
24. The "Old Gertrude" church
25. The former KGB headquarters
26. The street of the 19-20th century
27. The architecture of the city 19-20th century
28. The Central Railway Station
29. Latvian Academy of Science
30. "Jesus Christ" Lutheran church
31. The Orthodox church
32. Central Market
33. Stockmann department store
34. The main police station

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