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3 hour(s)

Why must you go on a wind tunnel in Riga with Travel Out There?

  • You think you cannot simply arrive and fly? YES YOU CAN! 
  • The instructors are the best in the world! (we have an Guinness world record to prove it).
  • Fewer than a dozen places in the world this activity is available.
  • You get to wear awesome jump suits and safety equipment
  • Wind Tunnel has been a top seller for Travel Out There - check out some of our Riga Wind Tunnel reviews.


Flying in Riga's wind tunnel is an experience that you simply have to embark on. If you have always had a fear of heights but want to experience the sensation of weightlessness without jetting off in to space or jumping out of a plane...this is the activity for you.  



Aerodium is a free-fall simulator - the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. It breaks the rules of gravity and allows you to fly with the help of a huge fan that blasts out an air stream of about 180-200km/h!  Return to Riga with your head in the clouds.



Under the watchful eye and hands of an aerodium instructor you will be lifted to 6 to 8 feet in the air.  Some flyers are more graceful than others but one thing is for sure it will bring a 'wind distorted smile' to your face. This activity is very contagious once you have one session we can guarantee you will want to come back for more!!  


We can assure you that 2 x 1 minute flight time is the perfect amount of time to get used to flying without getting overly tired.  This activity is not for the faint hearted or for those who do not have a basic level fitness.  IT is physically demanding and you wake up the next morning feeling muscles that you did not think existed.



For large groups we often combine this activity with the summer bobsleigh and a Sigulda Sightseeing Experience. This ensures that everyone is entertained constantly during the day.


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