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  Travel Out There and Norwegian Poster Campaign


Dutch Autoweek


Travel Out There assisted Dutch Autoweek journalist to seek out a Lada Niva and export it to Holland.




Travel Out There assisted MUSE in Ground Handling arrangements for their 2nd Law Tour.



FHM besøker Riga!

Travel Out There was honored to show the real, amazing and never sleeping Riga to Norwegian FHM reporters. Find out how did we succeed!




This 100th edition of FHM was a good reason to fly to Riga. Because of cheap vodka and beautiful women...



Shooting through Riga | Ryanair Magazine | European Travel News

Stag parties jet in for the cheap beer and strip clubs. So what thrills can a girl expect over a fast-paced weekend in the Latvian capital? Party princess Zoe Griffin visited Riga to find out.



3.2 million people set to read about Travel Out There !!!!

News of Travel Out There is spreading fast across Europe. Read more about the company in this special feature from Easyjet's inflight magazine.



Experts in Safe Tourism

Austin Nicholas is your trusty guide to direct you through the potential minefield of Latvian tourism.



Riga United Dreaming of Glory

Read about Riga United Football Club making Latvian football history when it became the first multinational side to play in the Latvian Amateur Football League.



Football, Beach Cricket and Arm Wrestling in Riga


The charming city of Riga is a must have experience for anyone wanting to personalise a break to suit their own schedule and interests.







Riga DMC (Destination Management in Riga)




Thinking of organising your Incentive in Riga? 


As your trusted Destination Management Company (DMC) in Riga, Riga Out There has listed the three reasons why you should host your next corporate event in Riga:


Captivating historic heritage Eight hundred years of history has left Riga with a unique, well-preserved architectural heritage. Not only does the Latvian capital offer a magnificent medieval city centre, it is also the home to the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world! Together with the city’s more recent history as a part of the Soviet Union, Riga can offer a wide range of unusual, historical venues unlike anything you would find elsewhere in the world. 


Great selection of things to do Although relatively small for a capital city, Riga offers as wide a range of activities for incentives and culture as any huge metropolis. Exquisite cuisine, fancy bars, a notoriously wild nightlife, unique day and night time activities, high class SPA centers as well as a beautiful nature and 22 km of white sand beaches less than an hour away. In other words, a corporate event in Riga will give you much more than just conference halls and hotel rooms – it can easily be combined with exciting, unique incentives and all for a cost that is lower than in most other European capitals.  With Travel Out There are your partner DMC in Riga it can all be managed effortlessly with great value.


Easily Accessible With Baltic’s busiest airport, located only 30 minutes from the city centre and with direct flight from almost hundred international cities, Riga can easily be reached from all corners of the world. Furthermore, Riga is compact enough to be enjoyed by foot, minimizing the travel times between hotel, venues and tourist sights.


So why should you choose us as your Destination Management Company (DMC) in Riga?  Riga Out There DMC has a dedicated team who will tailor your conference and corporate trip to your precise requirements, combining transferhotelsrestaurantsteam building incentives, fun group activities and evening entertainment ensure that all the participants enjoys Riga to its fullest. Creativity, flexibility and attention to detail are fundamental reasons for why Travel Out There is the premier DMC in Riga! 


Contact our local Riga DMC Office Our Network of Competence is your Confidence


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