Our Network of Competence is your Confidence: 

Travel Out There’s key objective is finding the right people in the right places to create a network of Local Experts who share our passion and vision to become the best and most innovative global Destination Management Network!  Becoming a Travel Out There Local Expert is limited to one partner per city and is both a privilege and a quality seal. By including just one Local Expert from each Destination Travel Out There aims for the best and the highest caliber service.   All our partners have to convince the Travel Out There team that they are possess the 3 P's and can abide by the Travel Out There code of conduct.


The 3 P's of Travel Out There:



Travel Out There Code of Conduct:



Understand the needs of their clients



Maintain a continuous presence, and are accessible throughout each experience.



Strive to create innovative, yet operationally viable, programs and services.



Perform as "orchestral leaders" harmonising all requested services.



Have an intimate knowledge of their destination.



Serve as a professional consultants to their clients, dedicated to the successful achievement of the program’s objective.



Enjoy good relationships with peers, partners and suppliers.


Have the capacity and flexibility to respond promptly and effectively to unforeseeable situations.



Respond promptly and thoroughly to all requests (within 24 hours)

      Are committed to maintaining integrity and high ethical standards with all parties involved while providing the best possible service in a sustainable fashion.


 Meet the Team:



Speaks English


Austin Nicholas

Austin is the main man. Having moved from the UK to Riga in the beginning of the 2000’s, and with over 14 years of experience in the event management industry, he decided to start Travel Out There, allowing visitors to “access the un-accessible”. Starting on the local Latvian market, Travel Out There soon expanded to become the world wide network of destination experts it is today. He is also a board member of the football club Riga United, which he also founded, an excellent cook and the proud father of three year old Henry. Click here to see a personal note from Austin



One of, the many, great things about Riga is that you can get everywhere by foot. Hence, for every visitor I would suggest taking an hour or two to go for a stroll and grab a beer in one of the many beer gardens. 

For the more adventurous - a trip out to Sigulda to experience many of our activities! A must do is the bobsleigh!




Speaks English, Russian, Czech and German


Nikolai Pitetsky
Head Of Training

Nikolai joined the team in June 2014 and is our Sales and Partnerships Director. Born in Russia, he started his working life as a Linguistics Professor in Russia and Czech Republic. After a few years in Prague he left the academic world and has spent the last seven years working within sales, management and business development in various companies. He has been living in Berlin for three years now and is a lover of literature and films, as well as a passionate wine connoisseur. 





A visit to Cafe am Neuen See. Berlin is full of lakes, and this cafe is located next to the Neuen See lake in Tiergarten. Their huge beer garden is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon. My wife once spotted Angela Merkel in there, queuing in the line like anyone else - a great showcase of how democratic Berlin is. 


Speaks English, Russian, Uzbek, German and Turkish 


Erkin Ibragimov
Head of Travel

Erkin joined the Travel Out There team in December 2014. Originally from Uzbekistan, he is now living in Riga where he works at the Travel Out There HQ and finishing his Master studies. With over seven years of experience within the travel industry, working with everything from marketing and business development to bookings and tour operating, he is a valuable part of our team. When he is not working or studying he enjoys photography, digital arts and reading.


Take a walk along the narrow streets of the old town in ancient Bukhara and feel the atmosphere from “1001 nights”. Engage with friendly Uzbek people and taste the fantastic food. This is the memory that will stay with you forever.


Speaks English and Latvian


Greg Mathers 
Senior Adviser and Facilitator

Greg is a certified Associate with the Adizes Institute and Professor of Management at Riga Business School. Greg has founded and run four of his own businesses and for more than 15 years provided consulting and management team coaching to companies such as Accenture, Adidas, Euroscript, SEB, and Johnson & Johnson. Watch his talk from TED Riga here.






Speaks English, Slovenian, Russian and Spanish


Ajda Pretnar
Head of Team Building

Ajda first joined the team as an intern at the Riga office in January 2014, and has stayed a part of the team while finishing her master studies in Political Science. Ajda is responsible for the development of our interactive games across the destinations. Born in Ljubljana, she has lived in Lithuania, Latvia, Italy and is soon moving to New Zealand. Not surprisingly one of her biggest hobbies is to travel, along with jogging and doing crochet (although probably not simultaneously).




Grab a burek (a salty, filled, phyllo dough pastry) from Miklošičeva street and enjoy it on the bank of Ljubljanica river in the Trnovo district.     


Interested in joining our network to provide Travel Out There Experiences in your destinationPlease click here for more information about our partnership and training programme. Travel Out There always likes to develop and act as a springboard for young talent. If you are interested in embarking on a fun and engaging internship programme click here.




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We aim to delight because we care! 
For every destination, our Local Trust Architect will personally deal with you directly. We save you money and time, by cutting out all the middle men and unwanted costly links in the supply chain. All our events reflect the culture, unique atmosphere and exclusive features of the destination.  



Transparency is the new currency of trust.
At Travel Out There we believe that responding in hours, not days, is a good way to generate trust and respect, the core values our network is built on. Becoming a Travel Out There Local Trust Architect is an exclusive privilege and a quality seal that ensures you the highest caliber of service!  All our Trust Architects are local, have over 5 years experience and have successfully managed corporate groups of over 50 people.



Value your time - if lost, you will never find it again.
Our system directly connects you with our certified Local Trust Architect to immediately begin preparing you a tailor made and engaging experience.  Giving you confidence that you are dealing with someone based in the destination and responsible for the success of your event from start to finish.  Check out our Blog post to find out more about why book with a Local Trust Architect. 








Riga DMC (Destination Management in Riga)




Thinking of organising your Incentive in Riga? 


As your trusted Destination Management Company (DMC) in Riga, Riga Out There has listed the three reasons why you should host your next corporate event in Riga:


Captivating historic heritage Eight hundred years of history has left Riga with a unique, well-preserved architectural heritage. Not only does the Latvian capital offer a magnificent medieval city centre, it is also the home to the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world! Together with the city’s more recent history as a part of the Soviet Union, Riga can offer a wide range of unusual, historical venues unlike anything you would find elsewhere in the world. 


Great selection of things to do Although relatively small for a capital city, Riga offers as wide a range of activities for incentives and culture as any huge metropolis. Exquisite cuisine, fancy bars, a notoriously wild nightlife, unique day and night time activities, high class SPA centers as well as a beautiful nature and 22 km of white sand beaches less than an hour away. In other words, a corporate event in Riga will give you much more than just conference halls and hotel rooms – it can easily be combined with exciting, unique incentives and all for a cost that is lower than in most other European capitals.  With Travel Out There are your partner DMC in Riga it can all be managed effortlessly with great value.


Easily Accessible With Baltic’s busiest airport, located only 30 minutes from the city centre and with direct flight from almost hundred international cities, Riga can easily be reached from all corners of the world. Furthermore, Riga is compact enough to be enjoyed by foot, minimizing the travel times between hotel, venues and tourist sights.


So why should you choose us as your Destination Management Company (DMC) in Riga?  Riga Out There DMC has a dedicated team who will tailor your conference and corporate trip to your precise requirements, combining transferhotelsrestaurantsteam building incentives, fun group activities and evening entertainment ensure that all the participants enjoys Riga to its fullest. Creativity, flexibility and attention to detail are fundamental reasons for why Travel Out There is the premier DMC in Riga! 


Contact our local Riga DMC Office Our Network of Competence is your Confidence


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