Will receive:

  • Transfer
  • Riga Black Balsam
  • Warm Tee
  • English Speaking Driver

Do you want the opportunity to  explore the city in an original 1980’s Moskvich or Volga. Driven and guided by a local, this authentic tour will certainly get you beneath the surface, Exploring places and areas of Riga that mightn’t be on the tourist map but also personalising them by telling stories of growing up and living in Riga.


Enjoy Riga sightseeing in one of our vintage cars.  Driver will take you to the most beautiful, bizarre and colorful places of Riga. There is so much to see: Old Riga, Art Nouveau architecture, Port area, Old Town from the other side of river Daugava. Wonder the streets of the most nontouristy districts of the Riga and much, much more in one day!


If you are interested in driving novetly vehicles then you might want to opt for our Wacky Races Experience. Click here for more info.


Cars available in our portfolio to rent are as follows:


GAZ 20 Pobeda – 1956

GAZ 21 Volga – 1975

GAZ 21 Volga – 1965

GAZ 24 Volga – 1983

GAZ 24 Volga – 1976

GAZ 24 Volga – 1981

Moskvich 407 – 1959

Moskvich 408 – 1975

Vaz 21013 – 1982

Vaz 2101 – 1980

RAF 2203 – 1987

The minimum rental time for all of these cars is 3 hours therefore we would suggest combining the car rental with a Back to the USSR sightseeing experience or as a transfer for an activlty such as AK-47 Shooting.

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