Design of "Street Burgers" - youthful, with a tactile orientation in pop culture and street fashion, stencil monochrome drawings and black and white street photos on the walls.

The attractiveness of Street Burgers lies in both the style and the content concept - a place where you can be sure that the burgers are only made from fresh, home-grown and home-made products. The burgers use real meat (both beef and chicken), which is also baked on the open fire grill. Burgers are quite solid size and a thinner eater may not be able to get it all in the belly, so Street Burgers also offers reduced-size or slender burgers (not to be confused with baby burgers) that are smaller but large enough to be enough. What's important at the burger, even if you have to wait in line, can be pretty fast.
The range of "Street burgers" is regularly updated with various new items, but there are many types of beef burgers, chicken burgers, and vegetarian burgers. Any burger is also available with gluten-free bread and, if desired, can be supplemented with various ingredients such as egg, blue cheese, bacon, pineapple, onions, etc.
For the drinks in Street burgers there is a self-service principle, and you can also refill your cola or coffee. In addition, they have coffee from Illy, there are also salads in several variations and such desserts.

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