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 Svētku pils is a new picturesque guest house on the river Daugava, 15 minutes away drive from the center of Riga. It is reachable by car and also by public transport. With his romantic view of the Dole Manor Park, this is the place where every celebration - small or big - gets a very special mood.

The palace offers an elegant banquet hall, dance hall, outdoor and roof terrace, overnight stay in 12 beautiful rooms and a large green area with baths along the river. sauna, camping, fishing, boat rental, and sports ground.

It can host up to 70 people, and different kind of events: wedding party, presentation, seminar, general corporate event roommates, Sauna, children's thematic parties, watermotors, boat rent.

According to the aim , it is possible to book the entire palace , a separate grass or just a terrace or a just the sauna.



  • 2 large gardens
  • Meeting room on the roof,
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Wide area for teamwork and relaxation.
  • Three camping cottages
  •  Volleyball court
  • Bathrooms: 2 ordinary and 1 on the water.
  •  Children playground: attractions for children under 6 years old available
  • Outdoor activities: grills with barbecue facilities, picnic areas, canopy.



  • The main hall -120 m2: anteroom with a bar counter and a candlelight fireplace.
  • The smallest- 85 m2: separated from the rest of the Holiday Castle, creating a private ambience. Illumination can be applied to the intended mood.

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