Will receive:

  • Professional choreographer
  • Class to learn the choreography.
  • Professional film maker
  • Event Co-ordination

A teambuilding activity that will not only bring a smile to your colleagues but also many passers-by. You can decide on the nature of your flashmob - whether it be a singing, dancing, community enhancing or even simply a smilemob! During the day, you will brainstorm and practice the routine before hitting the streets to later conduct your unexpected flashmob!


Travel Out There will film the experience to remind all of your team of the memorable experience and it would also serve as a great piece of social media marketing. We look forward to designing a Flash Mob with your team that ticks all the right boxes!


Alternatively you could opt for a Team Branding Event.

The group is divided into subgroups and, according to some directives, they will have to organize themselves and use the tools provided to realize the logo of the company, creating a team work.






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