Will receive:

Duration (door to door):

3 hour(s)

Playing this fun city checkpoint iPad game in Riga, allows teams to engage with one another as well as, the city and its people in a unique way.  
Not only will you explore and learn about many of the must-see points of interest in this Baltic Pearl. You will be set challenges to capture some great team photographs (that can later be compiled into a virtual album) and will also have the opportunity to:
  • do good for people in need, 
  • raise awareness of climate change
  • help charitable organisations and zero waste initiatives in Riga,
  • learn about ways we can make our life more sustainable.
Sound to be good to be true? Well please read on to gain some more insights into the game itself.
The main task of the game will be to create a care pack for homeless people, buying things they really need and creating a backpack full of goods they can really use. Participants will have to visit charity shops, zero waste shops, second-hand shops and markets and use a budget given to them to do this. On their way they will see the city itself, important landmarks, have lots of fun answering questions and doing other little tasks in different checkpoints around the city.
  • Teams will have to use public transport to get around (one tram line in particular that takes them close to all locations and checkpoints of the game)
  • In certain checkpoints sustainability related questions will have to be answered
  • Teams will have to come up with slogans to inspire people to think about climate change and draw/write them with chalk on the pathways in Vermane Garden
  • Players will have the opportunity to explore the city inside out and capture great team photos (photo tasks will be given) on their way in lots of special places of Riga:
    • Central part of Riga – where locals, live, work, eat and shop
    • Riga Central Market – one of the biggest markets in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The market's pavilions are five of nine Zeppelin hangars remaining in the world.
    • Vermane garden and Victory park
    • Charming wooden architecture of Pārdaugava (area of Riga, literal translation - across River Daugava)
    • Āgenskalns Market - a splendid sample of early 20th century rational Art Nouveau; it was constructed in 1911 according to the design of Riga Chief Architect Reinhold Schmaeling. The pavilion features red brick walls with white decoration, vertical windows and an ornamented chimney; the interior still bears marks from the Soviet period.
The winning 3 teams will have the opportunity to plant a tree each in park in Riga. Participants will have the chance to give their care packs to homeless people themselves or delegate this task to the Travel Out There team.
We look forward to orchestrating this charity and sustainability focused Ultimate CSR Challenge for your team!

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