Will receive:

  • Sauna (country sauna, turkish sauna, pool)
  • linen sheet or towel
  • salt scrub or honey & 1 birch or oaken besom
  • tea or beer with snack plate


After visiting our spa, many people say they feel as if they are born anew.

 In these rooms, all of the elements: fire, water, air, stone, and wood all meet in one place.

They heat, purity, cleanse, replenish, and renew.

What we offer:

  • A traditional wood-fired Latvian "pirts" or sauna with steam.
  • Steam rooms and swimming pool.
  • Sports and therapeutic massages.
  • On-site cafe.
  • for some, even holy place. Until quite recently - only 100-150 years ago, the sauna was often the place where new additions to the family came into this world. Adults went there to purify their bodies and hearts and to begin anew. In many ways, little has changed even today. Aside from the giving birth bit, of course...

Relax, shut off your phone, forget about everyday matters, and prepare yourself to enjoy a cultural tradition of renewal that dates back hundreds of years.

Included in our traditional sauna package:

  • Use of Sauna
  • Birch besom
  • Oak besom
  • Towel or linen sheet
  • Honey for sauna
  • Salt scrub 
Snack Plate:
  • Sprat snack on dark bread with red and spring onions
  • Caramelised red onion marmalades and cheese appetizer on brown bread
  • Hot cheese bread appetizer with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and garlic
  • 1 beer or tea.

Massages can be booked in advance.

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