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6 hour(s)

The most important days in the Latvian calendar are not Easter or even Christmas Day, they are Midsummer’s Eve and Midsummer’s Day.

Literally everybody in Latvia, as well as those of Latvian origin who live overseas, celebrates the Jani and Ligo midsummer festival celebrations that take place between June 23 and 24.
During Latvia’s midsummer, bonfires are lit, traditional songs sung, saunas all over Latvia are fired up, and huge amounts of Latvian cuisine and beer are consumed as every man, woman and child escapes to the beautiful Latvian countryside to celebrate the longest day of the year.
Sadly, most foreign visitors never get the opportunity to experience this most quintessentially Latvian festival, but now, thanks to Riga Out There, the Latvian midsummer festival can be enjoyed not over two days each year, but over 365 days!
Recreating the atmosphere and unique features of the Latvian Midsummer Festival, you can now experience the Latvian midsummer for yourself at any time of the year with traditional Latvian food, drink, costume and song.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the real Latvia as well as the most important date in the nation’s calendar, no matter whether it is in February, May or August that you are visiting Latvia!


Traditional Latvian Summer Party is a party in a country house with BBQ, music and all activities that the country side has to offer- fishing, horse riding, swimming in the lake and all you can possibly imagine!


Available from April to September.


We can also arrange a traditional Latvian BBQ Banquet for your group, this can be run as part of the Summer Party or as part of any other activity where good BBQ food is needed.

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